Germany sharply condemns North Korea missile launch

Germany sharply condemns North Korea missile launch

Germany sharply condemns North Korea missile launch

US experts have said if the missile had flown on a standard trajectory designed to maximise its reach, it would have a range of about 13,000km.

North Korea's latest missile test sends two big messages: The White House is in striking range in case of war, and Kim Jong Un does not want talks with the US. The announcement follows its third test of an intercontinental ballistic missile early this morning local time (Nov. 29).

The Kyodo news agency quoted sources as saying the Japanese government was on alert after detecting radio signals suggesting North Korea might be preparing for a missile launch.

The problem with that theory is that it's a type of brinkmanship that even Mao and the Soviet Union only ever managed successfully in Vietnam, in the face of Nixon's vacillating policies and massive public discontent in the US.

Washington has said repeatedly that all options, including military ones, are on the table in dealing with North Korea while stressing its desire for a peaceful solution. One of the most senior royals detained in the kingdom's corruption crackdown was released yesterday after reaching a settlement deal believed to exceed $1 billion, Alaa Shahine reports.

Trump has ramped up economic and diplomatic pressure on the North to prevent its development of a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike the U.S. mainland.

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Lest anyone enter a full-blown panic, it's important to remember that similar drills were common throughout the U.S. during the Cold War, which notably did not end in a nuclear armageddon. But having now demonstrated what it claims to be the primary missile it needs to deter attack from the United States, Pyongyang may turn to more testing of its nuclear weapons.

North Korea defends its weapons programs as a necessary defense against US plans to invade. That tens of thousands have defected over the last 30 years suggests some awareness of the wealth and openness beyond the country's borders.

However, the North Korea's test-firing of a newly-developed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) has left China feeling gravely concerned. China and Russia are unlikely to embrace stricter United Nations sanctions that might destabilize their neighbor. In an age of cheap and instant communication between continents, the idea that a Twitter account with over 43 million followers can't penetrate a poor and decrepit police state's borders seems almost laughable.

Observers have questioned the nation's ability to effectively marry nuclear warheads to its missiles or target specific locations, and whether its missiles can survive re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. I'm not an interventionist and I know, because I worked for him, that the President is not an interventionist.

Moon's office also said he told Abe that he will also ask Chinese leader Xi Jinping for Beijing to take a stronger role in pressuring Pyongyang when he visits China in December. In point of fact, the missile test hasn't really changed the military situation on the ground at all. "It is just that bit easier to hide and move things at night".

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