Snapchat Unveils Redesigned App, Emphasizing Distinction Between 'Social' and 'Media' Content

New Snapchat overhaul separates social and media
       By Ida Torres

New Snapchat overhaul separates social and media By Ida Torres

The new Snapchat will still open to the camera, as it always has.

Unless you are a regular Snapchat user, the app may not look significantly different.

Meanwhile, Snapchat also recently rolled out a new feature that can recognize what's in your image, and offer up relevant graphics. Social networks started a medium for folks to keep track of and socialize with the people they know, but they've become one-stop shops for friends, celebrities, company, political, entertainment, and music updates.

It's not a drastic overhaul in the design of the app, but more a structural change on how Snap views the content its users and publishing partners produce. In other words, Snapchat is basing your experience off your movements in the app. Snapchat is watching what you're doing with the app, and reacting intelligently. The main change: separating photos and videos sent to users by their friends from content produced by media companies.

So-called "fake news" undermines the usefulness of social media because "content created to be shared by friends is not necessarily content created to deliver accurate information", Spiegel said. On the other side of the camera screen is a new "Discover" page with just publisher and branded content.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel slams social media – and says Snapchat isn't social media
Snapchat introduces a redesigned app that separates your friends from brands

Plummeting stock prices, staff layoffs, unsold Spectacles, and an overall lack of significant user growth have all painted a sorry picture for the social company, but its CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegal is keen to separate the firm's recent past with its future.

According to a spokesman, all Discover content excluding Shows, Publisher Stories, Our Stories and content from creators will be reviewed by human moderators before appearing on the feed. If you swipe right, you will be able to access the new Discover page where you will be able to access all your subscriptions at the top.

Along with the interface change, Snap introduced a new algorithm: dynamic Friends page.

Snapchat added: 'You can think of it as a more sophisticated Best Friends algorithm that makes it easier to find the friends you want to talk to, when you want to talk to them.

Spiegel has taken pains since going public to present his strategy as unique and not directly comparable to Facebook, which has seven times as many users and has copied some of Snapchat's most popular features.

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