Google's data saving app gets a new name and worldwide launch

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And to stay true to its objective, Google has also given it the ability to find WiFi hotspots you can connect to.

Google has launched a new app to help solve one of the biggest and most irritating problems for smartphone users - running out of data. If either of these situations sounds like you, then you'll be interested in Google's new Android app.

Help Android users better understand data usage. If possible, try to see how you use it on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.

Back in June, we saw Google testing out an application called Triangle. The app provides real-time updates of data use. There are numerous third-party apps that let users keep an eye on their numbers, but now you won't have to look elsewhere.

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The app was tested in the Philippines over the past few months, and Google has professed that users saved up to 30% of data. The app has been dubbed as Datally and is now available through the Play Store. You can stop all background data usage by simply pressing this button.

Some Datally usefulness is accessible inside the settings pages of Android cell phones, yet Woodward said he expects the specific application will make it simpler to comprehend the choices. It's also got a Wi-Fi finder to help users locate an available network to save on mobile data. From there you can decide which apps should be allowed to continue sucking up bandwidth by hitting the little lock icon next to the app. Its basic function is to aid people in managing the data usage on their smartphones.

He said that the number of people watching videos on the internet is growing by 66% annually while social media users are increasing by 35% per year, adding that 80% of the users surf the internet through mobile phones. One of the peculiar things that we noticed about Datally was that it asked permission to create a VPN so that data can be monitored by the app. While Google hopes that Datally will help Android users save data when using mobile data connections, it is not a compression or proxy type of solution.

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