Google bans apps that push annoying ads to the Android lockscreen

Datally can help users identify and block apps which are using more data

Datally can help users identify and block apps which are using more data

Google tested Datally earlier this year in the Philippines with a half-million users, finding they cut mobile data use by about 30 percent, according to Woodward. By pressing the bubble at any point, you can block the app from using data. The leaked advisory claims that these apps are either developed by Chinese developers or have links to China and can be detrimental to the data security of the troops. Its stance annoyed users enough for someone to create a spreadsheet that lists all the apps that display ads on the lockscreen without notifying the user beforehand.

The Datally app is now available on the Google Play Store free of charge for all devices which are running Android 5.0 and higher. It also offers an interface that can manage data better. The Data Meter shows the daily data consumption. Below that is a slider to enable or disable the Data Saver mode. Apart from that, you can also see other apps that are using data as well. This can be a bit annoying.

The trend has gathered pace in recent times, driving Android device owners to adopt ad blockers as an essential app. Apps such as GlassWire, give you real time monitoring but can not control data usage.

Datally also features a nifty button can block all data usage - users can press this if they want to restrict data usage exclusively for the app that is actually onscreen. However, it doesn't rate the WiFi network or tell if the network is safe to use or not. Datally seems to be built for these people as it provides for a more elaborate means of controlling data usage. You can view how other Datally users have rated the Wi-Fi network and also possible to rate Wi-Fi networks that you have connected to.

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This app, called Datally, allows users to track their data usage in real time, and get personalised recommendations on saving data along with notifications of public Wi-Fi spots available nearby. Presumably, you know what you're getting when you install a lock screen app.

Upon launching the application, Datally displays the amount of mobile data used today.

During testing of Datally, app developers inside and outside Google initially expressed concern about the effects of users limiting their services' data access, Woodward said.

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