No reason for holiday cheer with GOP tax plan

President Donald Trump. Oliver Contreras-Pool  Getty Images

President Donald Trump. Oliver Contreras-Pool Getty Images

But when a conservative magazine is warning that an economic crisis could result from this bill, and a panel convened by a school known for its support of free-market economics can find nearly no expert to support it, this is no longer a matter of conservative versus liberal.

The bill's biggest challengers in the Senate come from so-called SALT states, or states which have state and local tax deductions such as California, New Jersey and NY. He said policy makers must consider potential trade-offs when making decisions that might affect economic growth, efficiency, fairness, simplicity and certainty.

While the retirement leaders in the Senate, as well as Senate Finance Committee staff, agree this is an issue and an unintended outcome of the pass-through tax proposal, they have expressed limited bandwidth to address this at a time when they are negotiating core structural issues of their tax reform plan, like individual and corporate tax rates and multibillion-dollar revenue issues. When Kennedy assumed office, the top income tax rate was 91 percent. He reduced it to 70 percent and reduced all the other tax rates by the same margin, roughly 23 percent.

A particular disappointment to Katz is the inclusion of Senator Bob Corker's "trigger plan", which would result in an automatic tax increase if revenues do not reach a set goal by 2022 or 2023. The tax bill Republicans propose to foist off on the American people is simply yet another example of a compliant Congress following orders. The bill would cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. "We're going to invest more here in America.' They say 'We're going to maximize our returns to our wealthiest shareholders'".

"To be clear: the #GOPTaxBill will increase the deficit which will cannibalize support from everything we know is essential to economic growth & a strong middle class, including support for our men and women in uniform", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted Thursday. The plan would create jobs and spur growth.

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Both the House and Senate bills are heavily weighted to benefit large business on the assumption that it will use the extra money for capital investment. Reducing the tax rates on small businesses is a core promise made by House and Senate Republicans heading into tax reform negotiations. Nine leading economists recently described how the economy could see a boost of up to 4 percent due to tax reform.

In a survey at the University of Chicago, famous for its conservative economic theorists, 37 of 38 economists agreed that the GOP tax bills in Congress would cause USA debt to increase "substantially" faster than the economy. That would make America competitive again. Just one example: now, according to the HuffPost, K-12 teachers can deduct up to $250 a year off their gross income for personal expenses on classroom material.

Tax compliance sucks a lot of productivity out the economy and encourages businesses to waste resources lobbying for carveouts instead of pleasing customers. In a rather unfair contrast, however, multinational firms are only required to pay taxes on foreign income after their profits are brought into the United States.

Debt increases the risk of another financial crisis, because when investors lose confidence in the government's ability to pay back borrowed funds, interest rates can spike. It will effectively repeal Obamacare's individual mandate tax and eliminate special-interest deductions, all while protecting deductions that encourage philanthropy and home ownership. The CTC is also essential to the security of working families. But most of the increase has come from payroll taxes, not income taxes.

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