An iOS Bug May Hit One's iPhone on December 2nd

An iOS Bug May Hit One's iPhone on December 2nd

An iOS Bug May Hit One's iPhone on December 2nd

As explained by iMore and software engineer Yoshimasa Niwa, the bug appears to cause iOS 11's local notifications service to consume massive amounts of memory, crashing "springboard, the iPhone and iPad windowing manager". They demoed a jailbroken iOS 11 on an iPhone X. We don't know if they actually plan to release it to the public, but it should at least an incentive to other hackers to try and deliver a jailbroken iOS 11. The issue seems to affect people randomly, with our iPhone X being affected and only a handful of reports across the internet on various sites and Twitter.

The problem is believed to have started once the clock hit 12.15am on Saturday, December 2, in each respective time zone.

Apple has recommended users to switch off notifications from the settings and also pushed an update to address the same. And it comes in the form of iOS 11.2.

Apple doesn't disable those features so that you can connect your Apple Watch or Apple Pencil, enable Personal Hotspot from another device and use Wi-Fi for more accurate location features.

It is not the first software problem faced by Apple this week.

Fortunately, the fix came rather quickly as Apple included it in the 11.2 update and expedited it ahead of planned schedule.

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It has only been a few days since Apple managed to fix the admin login bypass bug in macOS, and a new problem is already waiting at the doorstep, and it involves a much larger audience. Apple has had a history of odd time-related bugs affecting iOS multiple times over the years, but this particular issue appears to be related to recurring notifications for apps like reminders.

To get the iOS 11.2 update, open your Settings app and scroll down to General.

It must be noted that the bug doesn't now seem to affect users running the iOS 11.2 beta. The update brings with it several cool new features such as 7.5W fast wireless charging as well as Apple Pay Cash.

That's right. You have to disable each app's notification individually.

How do you turn off notifications for an app?

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