It's time to update your iPhone

It's time to update your iPhone

It's time to update your iPhone

Developer and public beta testers gained access to new feature in iOS 11.2 beta last month, and today marks the official launch.

It was a brutal week for Apple on the security front. Not long after, the company rolled out iOS 11.2 to the public, which addresses the date bug.

As such, Apple Pay Cash was not activated when iOS 11.2 dropped and was unavailable to use, despite being listed as a feature in the update's release notes. You might want to wait-read on to find out why.

Now it's fixed. iOS 11.2 "fixes an issue in Calculator where typing numbers rapidly could lead to incorrect results", according to Apple. Apple has released iOS 11.2 which is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch.

In addition to fixing the date bug, iOS 11.2 starts the rollout of Apple Pay Cash. Additionally, now all the latest generation iPhones will be able to charge wirelessly with a 7.5W fast charger. This is a little bit faster than the standard 5w plug-in charger included in the box.

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Apple iPhone owners have been urged to take immediate action to fix a problem which causes iPhones to randomly restart.

The interface for Apple Pay Cash is in iMessage, just under the keyboard where other iMessage apps live.

iOS 11.2 also includes new live wallpapers and pop-ups that explain the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons in the new Control Center.

Users can then use this account to pay for goods and services through Apple Pay. For manual upgradation users can go to Settings General Software Update. When they are ready, we will update this article with the details.

However, the owners of iPhone X after the update a new problem appeared. Once transferred, the receiver gets the amount deposited inside the Apple Pay Cash card inside the Wallet app on iOS 11.2.

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