Star Wars: The Vacation

Star Wars: The Vacation

Star Wars: The Vacation

Chalk that up as conjecture, though, as we won't know for sure until Star Wars: The Last Jedi bows on December 15th.

Han Solo's death was one of the most pivotal moments in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and since the character is so beloved, it is getting a standalone movie.

Tran described her experience of being on the set as "living in a dream for the past several months", praising the set and creature designs of the movie in particular.

At the end of "Force", we see Rey arriving with R2-D2 on the planet where Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) has been hiding out.

The cast was asked if the Ford's absence was a wrench but Boyega said central characters Finn, Rey and Poe weren't given much time to mourn and that "everyone's keeping it moving" in the new film. I'm holding the fort down on the dark and somber.

You can use the Star Wars: The Last Jedi emoticons like you would any Skype emoticon.

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Now, Fisher's former co-stars have been paying tribute to the late actress and LGBT advocate as her final film role hits screens. It's functional, but it feels a bit like a joke about Monte Carlo I didn't quite get.

Hamill recently told The Sunday Times he freaked out when the read the script for the 2015 Star Wars movie and realised how brief his role was. Otherwise go ahead and get a good laugh in since if you do tend to take it as it is the spoof is pretty funny.

"It was torture", he said about losing the weight.

"We had a long movie from the start". I went to the gym, they went to her house. As Hamill implied, Luke is devastated about having ruined his nephew's life by falsely believing he would be the one to restore order in the galaxy.

Similarly, the last story "The Ride" by John Jackson Miller, overwhelms its protagonist with wacky supporting characters and snappy dialogue. There was an evident camaraderie between the cast and a reverence from them toward Rian Johnson and what hes built with The Last Jedi.

Honestly, it's like they took the worst part of Luke and just let it flow in this clip, and it's amazingly hilarious since it paints him as such a jerk. Maybe the feeling that some of those encounters were shuffled at random ties into the theme of the city's card games? For it to bring us back to what truly matters not just as Star Wars fans but as people too.

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