FBI Director Defends Agents Against Dubious Trump Attacks

The competing pressures facing FBI Director Christopher Wray will be on display when he testifies before the House Judiciary Committee

FBI Director Defends Agents Against Dubious Trump Attacks

Here's where the story gets downright bizarre.

American recognition of Jerusalem will not ripen diplomatic prospects; to the contrary, it is likely to diminish what little opportunity for progress exists, as this unilateral U.S. action demands nothing of the Israeli government and gives nothing to the Palestinians in Jerusalem or anywhere else. He had led the sham investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton emails from start to finish, and it was he who softened the language in then FBI Director James Comey's July statement characterizing Ms. Clinton's conduct as "extremely careless" from the original "grossly negligent". After leading the FBI's probe into Trump, he then joined Robert Mueller's special counsel team as an integral investigator. And it made Mueller, long touted as the second coming of Eliot Ness, look like something other than untouchable. Its lack of proper oversight resulted in a political opponent of Trump, FBI agent Peter Strzok, apparently leading the biased questioning of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn that caused his downfall.

Jordan said the caucus has requested the release of documents related to any surveillance that might have taken place.

"The FBI agents don't have to be clothed with absolute perfection in order to do their jobs", he added. For starters, he should impose a reasonable limit on expenditures by Mueller's growing army of 17 lawyers. He also said the agency's reputation was in "Tatters - worst in History" under the direction of Comey. It's not quite at university-faculty levels, but it's getting close. Sessions, in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last month, said he has directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate Republican members' requests for a special counsel. He nonetheless presided over the Clinton email case until just a few days before it was closed, when he unexpectedly recused himself. The Steele dossier, provided by a Russian intelligence operative and paid for by the Clinton campaign, was funneled through to Strzok's team.

Let it be known that the FBI is not a monolithic organization when it comes to political adherences.

Critics believe that President Trump obstructed justice since he admitted knowledge that Flynn lied to the FBI by pushing them to drop the investigations against his former national security adviser.

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Folks, you can't make this stuff up.

There's an argument to be made that the GOP would be better off without Moore causing trouble in the Senate.

Thus the relevant question is which course of action buys more time, because the more time you buy, the better the chances of an unexpected development-say, regime change in Iran-that could lead to permanent success. We all remember the acrimony between the FBI and Apple over the iPhone in the San Bernardino shootings. As we've learned, incompetence, bias, and sleaziness know no ideological bounds. It doesn't occur that way in FBI field divisions. The fact is, however, that unless the public is willing to subject itself to bad actors sharing access to their information, there is no alternative to unbreakable encryption.

The president's renewed drumbeat against the investigation came after the revelation on Friday that Mr. Flynn had accepted a plea deal and agreed to cooperate with Mr. Mueller's investigation.

'Tainted (no, very dishonest?) FBI "agent's role in Clinton probe under review,"' Trump tweeted Sunday morning.

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