2018 iPhone X leaks start to emerge including a bigger screen

2018 iPhone X leaks start to emerge including a bigger screen

2018 iPhone X leaks start to emerge including a bigger screen

Apple's new iPhone will also revert to aluminium chassis that means that no wireless charging will be offered. Apple last used metal casing on the iPhone 7 series in 2016. Analysts suggest this device could cost between $650 and $900, with Apple achieving the price cut by dropping the expensive OLED display and Force Touch tech.

There's little doubt that the iPhone X is Apple's most controversial phone in recent memory, mainly on account of the "notch and horns" approach to achieving its touted "all-screen" design.

Apple's sticking to LCD panels is expected to be welcome news for Asian LCD panel suppliers such as Sharp and Japan Display.

OLED screens are brighter, feature better contrast, and are flexible enough to sport a curved shape.

All three 2018 iPhone models will have more powerful batteries. No mention of AR glasses was made, but AAPL is one of the company's main customers.

The 6.1-inch iPhone will feature an LCD display, while the other two will spot OLED screen.

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If you're skipping an iPhone upgrade this year for a much-advanced iPhone next year, will you go with the LCD or OLED variant?

Nomura's analysts have gathered this information through supply chain surveys filled in by firms which supply parts to Apple for the iPhone. It's the reason we're only seeing Space Gray, Silver, and Gold this year with the iPhone 8.

That L-shape is actually going to be formed by two separate cells linked together, according to a memo written by Kuo and seen by AppleInsider. The company has hiked its dividend every year since it brought back regular distributions in 2012.

However, significantly a 6.1-inch LCD model with a metal back would not be able to work with wireless charging. Their motto is to: help the employees collaborate in innovative ways, and giving teams a new platform in developing their ideas and to expand businesses' capabilities.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is out with his latest investor note this evening covering more changes we can expect with next year's iPhone refresh. Reports about the upcoming iPhones have already started surfacing the web suggesting that Apple may - yet again- enveil three iPhones next year - one of which will reportedly be the successor of the iPhone X - and may be called iPhone X Plus.

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