ISIS 'Going Dark' On Social Media, Communications Increasingly Encrypted — FBI

Mueller probe's expenses totaled $3.2M in early months

ISIS 'Going Dark' On Social Media, Communications Increasingly Encrypted — FBI

While some Republicans have called for a second special counsel to investigate FBI conduct, others have argued that Mueller's probe should be shut down or given a time limit to complete its work. And, at his confirmation hearing, Wray pledged his loyalty was to the Constitution, not a political regime. Ratcliffe said that Strzok had been demoted, an assertion that Wray disputed.

Strzok's communications with senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page are now being investigated by the Justice Department's inspector general. The firing of James Comey exacerbated the situation, and made Wray's tenure even more challenging.

Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asked Wray about the FBI's possible use of the Trump-Russia dossier, also known as the Steele dossier, named after its author ex-British spy Christopher Steele. In the note, he alluded to Thursday's hearing, where he will again publicly defend the FBI.

"My hunch is it has something to do with the dossier", Jordan said.

Chairman Goodlatte answered, "I don't think there is either", but Wray had no further response.

"That's the FBI I see", Wray said.

He was referencing how an early draft of a memo by Comey described the behavior of Clinton as "grossly negligent" for her handling of classified information, though Comey in his July 5, 2016, public statement didn't use that term. "I completely understand the reasons you're asking the question".

Wray, however, repeatedly deflected questions about whether Trump's decision would put him in legal jeopardy. That same agent, Republicans noted, also played a prominent role in the Clinton investigation.

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray defended the nation's top law enforcement agency before lawmakers Thursday, saying agents are "working their tails off" to keep Americans safe from terrorist attacks and other threats.

President Donald Trump recently criticized the FBI on Twitter as a biased institution whose reputation is in "tatters".

When asked about Trump's tweets over the weekend criticizing the FBI, Wray told Rep. Jerry Nadler, "there is no shortage of opinions out there".

But even if he doesn't, the strategy can still have a critical impact on the ultimate outcome of the Russia scandal. "We haven't heard from you". We will going to name names tonight and explain exactly who these Trump hating investigators really are and why this entire witch-hunt needs to be shut down and shut down immediately.

Behind every great fortune, Balzac wrote, there is a crime. Page is a lawyer for the bureau who once worked for FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe but no longer does much work for McCabe, the Post reported.

He also launched the Russian investigation, interviewed former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and was picked for the Mueller team, which this past summer removed him because he and another had sent each other anti-Trump messages. And while it will still be a huge scandal, it won't be the kind of bipartisan scandal that can bring down a president. "There were leaks when he decided he didn't trust President Trump", he complained.

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