EU envoys issue declaration on status of Jerusalem

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands after giving final remarks at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem before Trump's departure

EU envoys issue declaration on status of Jerusalem

At the UN on Friday, traditional US allies criticised the move.

It said it would seek a UN Security Council resolution rejecting the US move. It was President Obama who made peace more difficult.

Officials in the region said Trump's decision ended any pretense that the United States could be an evenhanded broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

To a peculiar extent Arab leaders have succeeded in moving the terms of the debate by this delusional inflexibility. She said, "Those records will be released by the doctor following that taking place". One is reportedly in critical condition.

Hundreds of protesters poured out of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo after Friday prayers, some carrying Palestinian flags and chanting, "with soul, with blood, we will avenge you, oh Palestine". A 2001 Mackenzie Institute newsletter memorably noted Arafat's "impulsive urge for trying to take the pot with a pair of fours", and the widespread tendency of Israel's enemies to irrational belligerence makes devising a rational structure of sticks and carrots difficult. But the demonstrations did not rise to the level of an outright uprising.

The declaration was read out by the ambassadors in French and English versions after a Security Council emergency meeting on the issue of Jerusalem.

Earlier on Friday, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during a news conference in Paris that any final decision on the status of Jerusalem would depend on negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

All countries but Germany are currently on the Security Council with Britain and France being permanent members. Over the past seven decades, the Israeli people have built a country where Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and people of all faiths are free to live and worship according to their conscience and according to their beliefs.

Palestinians look at the damage at a Hamas military facility early on December 9, 2017, in the aftermath of an Israeli air strike in Beit Lahia, in the northern Gaza Strip. "In the end it's what people do, not what they say".

The Jerusalem Municipality lights up the Old City's walls with the American and Israeli flags ahead of Donald Trump's recognition of the city as Israel's capital
EU envoys issue declaration on status of Jerusalem

In a statement, the Palestinian Red Crescent updated their numbers with at least 231 Palestinians injured so far during the protests. No future president can undo this pernicious agreement, since a veto not cast can never be retroactively cast.

There will, of course, be disagreement and dissent regarding this announcement.

"Walk away from my boys", one police officer was heard saying as protesters approached cops controlling the crowd.

The Old City is home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which is Islam's third holiest shrine and stands on the remnants of Judaism's holiest site.

Let's increase the costs of violence by doing things they don't want until they start negotiating sincerely. The proposed U.S. embassy move announced Wednesday has set off a wave of anger in the Palestinian territories.

What the Palestinians have to lose, then, is American acquiescence to a process by which the Palestinians continue to gain something for nothing, and in which they believe that violence is always their trump card (so to speak). A statement posted on al-Qaeda's media arm as-Sahab called for holy war or jihad and described America as an oppressor of Muslims. Terrorists should not have a veto over American policy.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the Washington has credibility as a mediator with both Israel and the Palestinians and accused the United Nations of damaging rather than advancing peace prospects with unfair attacks on Israel.

If Trump administration officials do not view the Palestinian Authority as a legitimate actor with rights, that does not bode well for any comprehensive proposal.

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