Democrat upset in Alabama Senate election

U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore at their respective election night parties in Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama U.S

Democrat upset in Alabama Senate election

Party members probably thought Moore would be able to replicate Trump's oddball success and ride a wave of partisan spite all the way to Washington - and the scary thing is, they were almost right.

Speaking to reporters, Schumer cast Alabama's senate election results as a repudiation of the policies being pursued by President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans in Congress, including the tax legislation. She went on to defeat Democrat Jon Ossoff. Doubling and tripling down on Trump's narrow base may soothe his ego, but it is a disaster for the shrinking GOP, which has become off-putting, if not odious, to those outside of it. Possible, but likely? And that's not counting any times there was a one-vote margin, so that switching Alabama's junior Senator would have either flipped the outcome or forced McConnell to wait on the vote.

"I'll be honest, I might have made a mistake", Trump said at a September rally in Alabama.

The tighter they cling to Trump, the worse they will do.

Recent interviews where he appeared to moderate his stance may have helped his bid, traveling throughout the state to speak to local media outlets in order to clarify his position.

The Dow Jones industrial average and S&P 500 closed at new records on Tuesday.

Nobody really sees Alabama for what it is.

I know this because if there's one thing this amazing and highly beloved president has taught us it's that he's never wrong, and if you suggest he is, you're very stupid and probably unattractive. Take the tax bill.

Moore - who sought to fill the seat vacated by fellow Republican Jeff Sessions when he became attorney general - was then buffeted by accusations of preying on underage girls when he was in his 30s.

Moore has denied the claims. Trump's support of Strange placed him at odds with Steve Bannon and the insurgent wing of his coalition. They won in Alabama with a liberal, but one who is tough on crime and ran an intentionally non-ideological race.

It is now an open question whether Trump will inject himself into more Republican primaries, given his setback in Alabama. "Turn over the money, resources and power, then we can talk".

The first win for a Democrat in an Alabama Senate race for 25 years cuts the Republicans' majority in the chamber to a single vote. They must defend 10 incumbents in states that were won by Trump and they must gain two seats currently held by Republicans. The next line from Gardner's statement suggested that the first Democratic senator-elect from Alabama since 1992 should consider voting with the other other caucus. The story of this election is that of high Black voter turnout-despite voter suppression efforts.

"He was trying to push a boulder up a hill", Walsh said.

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