Facebook To Penalize Content Begging For User Engagement

Following the swarm of controversies surrounding fake or inaccurate news during the 2016 election, Facebook has already announced they would begin demoting posts identified as "fake news". Engagement bait posts are those posts that ask you for likes, shares, tags and comments.

Facebook said dedicated teams had reviewed and categorised hundreds of thousands of spammy posts to train a machine learning algorithm to detect them.

Many Facebook page admins are likely to be squirming with news they are likely to find themselves demoted for promoting spam tactics. The company is planning to fight the pages that try to take advantage of Facebook's "New Feed" algorithm by boosting engagement for increased reach. In any case, that is only the start - Facebook says Pages that use these strategies on a progressing basis will see a significantly additional drop, however the stage is giving these users half a month to adjust before revealing that change.

The "Snooze" feature is being seen as a better way of managing a user's News Feed while taking a break from a chatty person, group or page. Starting in a couple of weeks, offenders will have the total reach on all of their posts reduced if their content is begging or baiting users to interact.

But Facebook is finally declaring war to engagement bait on Facebook.

Some Pages or people on Facebook use posts that beg for likes, comments or shares to reach a wider audience.

The engineer-turned-investor added that he feels "tremendous guilt" for the impact Facebook has had on the world, and said that his kids don't have profiles on the social network.

It clarified that posts asking for help, advice, or recommendations will not be adversely impacted by the update.

Facebook also rolled out new policies earlier this year to reduce clickbait headlines and posts including links to low-quality webpages. "Instead, we will demote posts that go against one of our key News Feed values - authenticity". With it, users can hide people or pages they don't want to see, and Facebook will eliminate them from their feed for 30 days.

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