Radiation linked to cell phone use causes increased risk of cancer, infertility

Don’t keep your mobile phone close

Radiation linked to cell phone use causes increased risk of cancer, infertility

"It's clear that there are people who are concerned", she said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, though, wrote that there is simply no hard proof yet that cellphones are a danger.

The guidelines are likely to be controversial, since scientific consensus has not been reached on the health impacts of cell phone usage, even as virtually all adult Americans are using a mobile device, and children begin use earlier than ever.

This new warning from CDPH comes after those findings were finally published this week after an order from the Sacramento Superior Court.

The state department drafted guidelines on cell phone radiation risks back in 2014, but it never released them. Guidelines recommend keeping the devices away from the body and the bed at night.

Cell phones emit radio frequency waves when they send and receive signals from cell towers that can be a risk factor for mental and physical health issues. Yet there's no clear mechanism that would justify this concern.

Avoiding products that claim to block radio frequency energy. In addition, there was DNA damage in brain cells of exposed animals. It's only clear potential harm is causing heat, which could lead to burns. In addition, the average age when children get their first phone is now just 10 years old, and a majority of young people keep their phones on or near them most of the day and while they sleep.

Albeit a few researchers and health authorities trust the electric attractive fields influence the human body, Smith said there are simple approaches to counteract or reduce radiation. Radiofrequency energy in animal studies has not been found to cause cancer. These include two done in the US.

Cell phones emit low RF levels (in the microwave frequency range), which have not conclusively been linked to health problems. As Ars reported at the time, researchers led by John Bucher released partial results from a multi-year, $25-million rodent study backed by the United States government.

Avoid holding your cell phone to your head when possible. "What they pick up on is that their cell phone may be putting out unsafe radiation that is possibly harming them and their children".

'Results from that study showed that rats developed tumors, gliomas (brain tumors) and malignant [tumors] of the heart.

Studies have established close statistical links between male infertility and smartphones stored in pockets.

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