Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reported To Have Battery Problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reported To Have Battery Problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reported To Have Battery Problems

While some have speculated that the mystery phone could be the Galaxy J7 Plus, Sammobile correctly points out that the J7 Pro is the only device that could plausibly fit the On-series price range that also supports Samsung Pay.

Sources among the suppliers reported that the device will have a more compact motherboard, which will allow you to save some space inside the phone, which can be used to accommodate other components, including a more capacious battery.

Users who are affected by this should seek a warranty fix or replacement.

According to the reports, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be coming in with a similar design as the current models.

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"Samsung and LG used to make sales plans centering on flagship models but they appear to change the strategy by making more lineups to appeal to a diverse customer base", said Joo Dae-young, a researcher at Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade. Samsung recalled the phablet just weeks after its release and users were given a safe unit as replacement.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+, in deed, will be exhibiting a major upgradation over their predecessor, the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Once the handset runs out of battery, it's apparently too late.

That's about all there is in the new software updates issued by Verizon. One user on the Android Central forum said his father had four Note 8 devices that did not solve the problem within a one month timeframe. One user said the fix center forgot to reinsert the SIM card tray back into his phone, causing a further delay in getting a working handset. The following excerpt from the message board, documents one user's experience trying to solve his Galaxy Note 8 battery problems.

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