Microsoft confirms the Xbox One Kinect Adapter is no longer being made

Microsoft originally bundled the Kinect adapter to every Xbox One S for free so players could easily hook up their Kinect to the newer version of the console.

This might be the last nail in the Kinect's coffin after years of slowly losing support from Microsoft.

The Kinect was discontinued in October previous year, but now the final nail has been struck into its coffin.

Gaming fans in general and Microsoft Xbox fans, in particular, have been following Microsoft's plans with some interest.

In a telling move, Microsoft left out the Kinect port in both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X models.

Since then Microsoft has confirmed that it has stopped producing the Kinect Adaptor which is needed to connect to the some Xboxes or to a PC.

The Kinect sensor allows gamers to play motion games like Just Dance, Dance Central, and Fruit Ninja, and can also be used for video calls via Skype and for webcam footage when streaming on Twitch or Mixer. Xbox One X features a vapor chamber for liquid-cooling.

The original Xbox One had a port for Kinect. Greg had probably done more for the Kinect than anyone at Microsoft and yet he was left guessing and getting his info from third parties. It has reportedly been out of stock at all the usual retailers - Microsoft and big chain speciality stores - for several months.

The adapter is now selling for $269 or more on Amazon at the time of this article's publication, but the hardware had already been hard to find for quite some time before its death was made official.

Much of the discontinuation discussion has focused on Kinect's lack of relevance in gaming, but this news could also have a knock-on effect in other industries too. You can still use Cortana voice commands through a headset mic, but not to say "Hey Cortana, Xbox on".

Xbox One X has been priced at Rs 44,990, which might force first time console customers to think twice before buying it as its competition is offering its console at a lower price point.

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