Intel facing multiple class action suits over chip security flaw

Spectre, which covers two of them, was discovered in chips made by Intel, AMD and ARM, while Meltdown affects Intel products and a recent ARM processor.

Almost all microprocessors produced over the past 10 years by Intel, AMD and ARM are affected.

Apple says that currently there are no known exploits that are impacting users at this time.

According to the specialist magazine Solutions Numeriques, Intel was aware of the existence of the security flaw in its chips at the end of November. Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox have been updated to increase the time it takes to execute certain Java commands, which should mitigate the issue, according to a Mozilla blog post.

IDC estimated that there are 1.5bn PCs in use around the world today, out of which 90pc are powered by Intel processors.

"Our advice for this scenario is that people make sure that their device and browser are always up-to-date".

It's really unfortunately exploiting something which is there to try and make things better for us.

What to do next? "It's going to be layered on top and it's going to cause problems".

So far, nobody has seen the flaws exploited in the wild. They access protected areas of memory to potentially decode and read.

CPU owners are left with the unappealing choice of either purchasing a new processor or computer containing a CPU that does not contain the Defect, or continuing to use a computer with massive security vulnerabilities or one with significant performance degradation.

Experts say customers should download these fixes ASAP to protect sensitive data from hackers; that includes stored passwords, emails, photos and instant messages. "We sat for hours in disbelief until we eliminated any possibility that this result was wrong", said Gruss. Intel says the problem is "not a bug or a flaw in Intel products" but rather a broader problem affecting processing techniques common to modern computing platforms.

They must be run locally on the machine and must be loaded through some form of application. Intel said Wednesday that it has already provided some firmware updates to system manufacturers. Even traditionally exploit-resistant operating systems, like Apple's iOS, are vulnerable.

Posted via an advisory page by the Graz University of Technology, researchers have videos demonstrating a CPU vulnerability, now called Meltdown, in action. Security patches offer a workaround, but The Register initially reported that they could slow down PCs by 5 to 30 percent, leading to widespread alarm.

While Intel claims that the stock sale was part of a planned divestiture, Krzanich (below, right) put the plan in place only in October, the report said. These exploits are not a denial of service attack or a network attack. Meteorologists have named the storm Winter Storm Greyson, he added, "making it the first storm ever named after a child throwing a tantrum in line at Whole Foods".

Experts have discovered a pretty major flaw in computer chips, and if you're watching this, chances are the flaw affects you.

In the computer, it could be that you go to the banking section of your password management program.

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