Nvidia launches Xavier Drive at CES 2018

5 predictions for 2018 Blockchain bounty hunters and more

5 predictions for 2018 Blockchain bounty hunters and more

The first samples of the processor are being delivered to customers this quarter, he said.

"Volkswagen's work with NVIDIA DRIVE IX technology will make that a reality".

These new models are based on the completely new MEB vehicle architecture that is consistently geared towards zero-emission, digital mobility and make use of the electric drive's overall package benefits. What the two companies are getting at by making this announcement this week is that Uber's at the table, and it has within arms reach all the things Nvidia is promising to offer with Xavier and Pegasus.

The driverless vehicle system created by the three companies will use Xavier from Nvidia, sensors and cameras from ZF, and Baidu's autonomous software system called Apollo Pilot.

While this may all seem quite futuristic NVIDIA isn't looking decades into the future, in fact it expects AR to become commonplace in the next five years. The software also blends in with NVIDIA's self-driving auto solutions, meaning that Drive AR can highlight points of interest whilst your not driving.

Xavier will be used for collision detection, brake assistance, driver alertness, terrain mapping and Global Positioning System, as well as make use of NVIDIA's DRIVE IX, or Intelligent Experience platform.

To underscore the industry's confidence in its technologies, NVIDIA on Sunday jointly announced supply agreements with Volkswagen, Uber, ZF and Baidu for future self-driving vehicle platforms in Europe, North America and China.

Volkswagen and Uber will introduce NVIDIA tech in their vehicles to create artificially intelligent self-driving cars and trucks. As of now, Nvidia is working with 25 customers who are already using Pegasus to power their self-driving Robotaxi fleet.

Uber selected Nvidia's artificial intelligence systems as it advances its self-driving efforts, which have incorporated real world trials in Pittsburgh and Phoenix, with some 2mln autonomous miles across 50,000 passenger trips.

With the Nvidia platform, users will be able to enhance systems throughout the life of the vehicle via software updates, and gain new capabilities as further developments are made in autonomous driving. According to data available from BI intelligence, 10 million self driving cars will be on the roads by 2020.

In Uber's case, using Nvidia hardware is nothing new. Volkswagen will deploy Nvidia technology to develop an intelligent co-pilot system, the companies said, and Huang was joined on stage by VW brand chief Herbert Diess.

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