OLED to account for 40 percent of revenue by 2020 — LG Display

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OLED to account for 40 percent of revenue by 2020 — LG Display

Since, LG Display will be showcasing a massive 65-inch UHD rollable OLED display at the special eve of CES 2018. Maybe even quite revolutionary to a certain type of AV fan. I can't tell you any more about this model, though, as I've yet to see a demonstration model. It's 135 pixels per inch whereas a 4K screen would only be 67 pixels per inch at this size.

Flexible and transparent screens like this one require Universal Display's OLED expertise.

-A Porter Robot that can take luggage to a hotel room and help visitors check in and check out.

What's most likely is that LG would flog these panels to businesses looking to impress with a fancy display. Those willing to buy into the company's ecosystem should enjoy a wide variety of synergies between their devices and won't have to micromanage individual gadgets on a frequent basis, as suggested by the Seoul-based firm.

Has OLED reached its limit?

LG's new display, however, seems more advanced and bigger in scale. LG certainly isn't making any song and dance about big brightness increases, extra energy efficiencies and so on. The screen will be shown at CES in Las Vegas in the coming week.

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LG has turned its attention to the processing that drives that hardware. The recent improvements to the company's Crystal Sound OLED technology that makes sound emanate directly from the panel will also be showcased. Still, this could be useful for some situations, and a nice way to hide your TV when it's not in use. IHS Markit forecasts that around two million 8K televisions will ship in 2020, the majority of them in China. Below these are the G8, C8 and the B8 TVs.

TCL say that the color volume on the X6 is 2.8× higher than OLED at 500 nits and offers a "level of colour purity" that is 58.3% better than traditional TVs.

How does the picture look?

Like LG, Samsung too has kept majority of the specifications a secret for now.

LG is turning to AI (artificial intelligence) to make its entire portfolio of connected devices smarter. It was an 18-inch "rollable" TV sporting 1200x810 resolution. By converging new functions such as sound and touch while expanding the IPS technology to more ultra-large and super-high resolution products, LG Display will continue to lead the premium market.

LG's David VanderWaal said: "2018 will be the tipping point for the smart home".

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