Razer Phone Gets Netflix HDR and Dolby Plus 5.1

Razer Phone Gets Netflix HDR and Dolby Plus 5.1

Razer Phone Gets Netflix HDR and Dolby Plus 5.1

Gaming company Razer stunned everyone with its Batman-worthy triple-screen laptop concept at CES past year, and now it's back with another laptop concept, this time for Razer Phone owners. Granted, you may want more laptop performance than the Razer Phone can provide, but for day-to-day tasks, travelling professionals, and others, Project Linda may suit their needs perfectly. In certain games, the phone can be used as a secondary screen and work like a companion app.

The Razer Phone's a pretty mixed bag, but without a doubt, two of its most rewarding features are its display and speaker combo.

When docked, the interface switches to a more traditional laptop-style one, complete with a taskbar. In fact, the core of Project Linda is actually the Razer Phone that the company released past year and merged it into a laptop shell.

That's because your Razer Phone becomes the laptop's trackpad when you slip it. Unfortunately, the Razer Project Linda does not have a price tag and since this is just a prototype, it does not appear to get into the mass production phase.

While not a laptop without the phone, the chassis's keyboard does offer Razer's Chroma backlighting and customization settings.

Anyway, Project Linda is one cool concept and we'd like to see it succeed (if it ever comes to the market)! Essentially, it's a dock that runs the phone itself into 13.3 inch Android gaming computer, which is kind of a neat concept for those gamers constantly on the go. Samsung has its DeX Station, which is a tiny dock that enables you to connect your phone to a television or monitor as well as a keyboard and a mouse. It's got 53.6 Watt-hours of capacity standard, and Razer says this can charge your phone from 0 to 100% a full three times.

This being Razer, the laptop shell is suitably striking, with colored, backlit keys.

Linda has a 13.3” screen with QHD resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and HDR support, similar to the phones own screen.

An OTA update later this month to Razer's smartphone will provide users with a Netflix app and home screen widget alongside firmware improvements for both the screen and sound for a great mobile Netflix experience.

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