Time to patch your Apple devices against Spectre

The Microsoft logo is shown on an electric car at the Auto Show in Los Angeles California US

The Microsoft logo is shown on an electric car at the Auto Show in Los Angeles California US

He also said that Intel's software patches and other vendors' updates would patch more than 90 percent of computers within a week, and a solution for all computers could be available by the end of the month.

While the Tangle Lake chip is solving something completely different - the quantum computing challenge of working in extremely stable environments - it's also addressing what has remained the main objective for Intel when it comes to chipmaking: processing speed, and in the case of quantum computing, parallel processing speed, a "fundamental, scientific engineering challenge". So Krzanich comes to CES every year to tout the Intel technology that enables gee-whiz gadgets. He might address the chip security problems and artificial intelligence, virtual reality etc. The company told CNNMoney the stock sale was not related to the security issues.

The researchers that uncovered the Meltdown and Spectre attack methods didn't actually find any malware in the field. Researchers notified Intel about the flaws in June. This means that all iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers have the bug (but Apple notes that the Apple Watch is not affected).

Should we be bothered by Spectre and Meltdown?

"At Intel we see truly a world of infinite possibilities, where technology makes our lives easier". "There are dangers associated with that".

Law firm Doyle APC has filed a class action lawsuit against Intel for the design defect found in all of Intel's x86-64x CPUs.

There is no evidence these flaws have been exploited. The best thing to do is to download the updates issued by various operating system makers and system manufacturers.

Intel's CEO says the tech industry has done a "remarkable" job responding to the embarrassing computer chip flaws that caused alarm around the world.

But the solutions are far from ideal.

Apple patched Macs and iOS devices against the Intel-based Meltdown vulnerability last week, but iDevice users had to wait until today (Jan. 8) to receive patches for the even-more-complicated Spectre flaw. Leslie Culbertson, a longtime Intel employee who is now head of human resources, will run the new group and Intel executives Josh Walden and Steve Smith will be working for her in this new organization.

"In the coming days we plan to release mitigations in Safari to help defend against Spectre", said Apple on Friday.

Many security professionals said they accepted the argument.

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