Toyota Unveils Autonomous e-Palette Mobile Retail Concept at CES

Toyota Unveils Autonomous e-Palette Mobile Retail Concept at CES

Toyota Unveils Autonomous e-Palette Mobile Retail Concept at CES

The e-Palette is a sleek, box-shaped platform with a flat floor and high roof.

The e-Palette would allow partners to install their own automated driving products, or use Toyota's systems. As cars drive by, they will automatically recognize and measure gaps between parked cars and transmit that data to a digital map. The concept could be anything from a mobile hotel room or workspace to a food truck or a pop-up shop on wheels. General Motors plans to start producing fully driverless ride-sharing vehicles by 2019 and Ford has set a 2022 target date for debuting similar vehicles. In addition, Toyota will provide an array of services to help e-Palette customers use their vehicles, including leasing and insurance support and fleet management. Companies like Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber have already agreed to partner with Toyota in this project.

Toyota's e-Palette electric vehicle will make its debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The alliance will focus on the development of the new e-Palette Concept Vehicle which reflects Toyota's visions for Automated Mobility as a Service (Autono-MaaS) applications.

Pizza Hut's U.S. President Artie Starrs released a statement touting the relationship, which is expected to bear fruit in 2020.

- Toyota says it's developing self-driving mini-buses that can serve as bite-sized stores.

With less than 1 percent all vehicles sold in the US battery electric, Toyoda said the auto company is also working with the government to create the charging stations and necessary infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

Toyota has outlined a new vehicle ecosystem that could change the way we use roads and think of how transportation can work, with business transactions likely to change as autonomous vehicles begin to bring services to consumers. The Farmington Hills-based automotive supplier demonstrated a suite of autonomous technologies with its subsidiary Clarion at CES, including two remote parking systems that integrate into an existing vehicle's infrastructure. And it's more horrifying than all of those combined.

CES 2018: Could laptops be the surprise show-stealer? In the last year, the company launched voice command ordering through Alexa, the first pizza tracker that includes text messaging and Hut Rewards, the only national pizza loyalty program that awards points for every dollar spent on pizza.

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