Foreign Leaders Wary of Being Burned by 'Fire and Fury'

Foreign Leaders Wary of Being Burned by 'Fire and Fury'

Foreign Leaders Wary of Being Burned by 'Fire and Fury'

But the end of Bannon's tenure at Breitbart came amid tension between the White House and the former strategist who had fashioned himself as the general leading the rebellion against the GOP establishment on Trump's behalf. It appeared to be a veiled reference to the fact that a defamation suit would put the onus on Trump to prove that the statements are not true.

"Well I think he probably had no idea he was speaking to me for this book", Wolff said of Trump in the interview.

Ads on the website promoted fidget spinners emblazoned with Bannon's likeness ($7.95 each) and a 212-page hagiography - "Bannon: Always the Rebel", by Keith Koffler.

But alongside the constant buzz of Trump, the schedule shared by Axios suggests he is spending an increasing amount of "unstructured" time, which differs to that of his predecessors who tended to arrive to work earlier and have a more clearly defined schedule. If the Trump economy continues to grow more than 3 percent annually, it will far outstrip the Obama economy.

Trump should be extremely popular today.

The book depicts the 45th president as a leader who doesn't understand the weight of his office and whose competence is questioned by aides. During their terms in the Oval Office, that rogue nation developed nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that might be capable of carrying nuclear warheads across the Pacific Ocean.

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"I am the only person to date to conduct a global effort to preach the message of Trump and Trumpism, and I remain ready to stand in the breach for this president's efforts to make America great again", he wrote. It says Trump used to offer hookers to men while letting their wives listen in on speakerphone.

Harder, who helped bring down Gawker while representing Hulk Hogan, branded the book 'libelous' and called out 'numerous false and/or baseless statements'.

McNamara of Davis Wright Tremaine, representing Wolff and Henry Holt & Co., said they would not halt publication of the book, issue any retraction or apologize for the book, which quickly became a best seller when it was released on Friday. Nothing would delegitimize Trumpism more than Mueller proving Russia had a hand in Trump's victory. "Is Trump still sane?" was the main headline last week in Germany's conservative newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Some commentators have pointed out that Wolff has a history of sensationalizing and they note the sourcing for the book is often vague. The collective poise, polish and patience of our three prior presidents did not halt North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Trump was factually correct that there was violence on both sides in Charlottesville, but only one side claimed to be acting in his name. It has also dominated the left-leaning news cycle since the beginning of January.

Indeed, Trump is reportedly on the go for much of the day, with reports from previous employees of the president describing him as "relentless".

And because Trump will advance their agenda, Ryan and McConnell will look the other way, no matter what legal and media investigations reveal about the president. He asserted that when former top strategist Stephen Bannon "was fired, he lost his mind".

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