H&M threatened with boycott over "racist" ad

H&M threatened with boycott over

H&M threatened with boycott over "racist" ad

He has also modelled for the company in the past.

The post received more than 150,000 likes in less than 12 hours. It continues to sell the hooded top online.

Social media was buzzing with lots of comments on Twitter questioning the reason behind their decision to clothe the black boy in that hoodie.

Just previous year there were a few advertisements that made the headline for being racist. After she removes the T-shirt the black woman is turned into a white woman. The apology comes after the Swedish retailer copped flak for the loaded term, as the monkey is often being used in racial and ethnic slurs, especially against the black community. But they won't be getting together again.

The Weeknd has been collaborating with H&M since 2017, modelling for various campaigns and also working on his own brand XO.

A number of his followers shared the image and praised the Belgium global for posting the "powerful message", while others tagged the official H&M Twitter account so that they would see his post. But by noon, the sweatshirt was no longer featured on the USA website.

The NBA superstar added a crown to the image on his Instagram post, writing: "when I look at this photo I see a Young King!" PW was unable to obtain knowledge on if this was an original shoot or if H&M's creative team did use stock photography.

The retailer came under fire from animal rights group PETA in 2017 for a hoodie which bore the phrase, 'Dogfight in a Random Alley, ' over accusations that it sent, "a risky message".

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