A Trump Interview With Robert Mueller Would Follow Presidential Tradition

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Donald Trump could be interviewed'within weeks by special counsel Robert Mueller as part of the investigation into Russian collusion

NBC said lawyers for Mr Trump had met with representatives of Mr Mueller's office to discuss the logistics of any such interview.

Two members of Trump's campaign team, former national security advisor Michael Flynn and campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, have pleaded guilty to lying to FBI investigators.

Ken Starr, the infamous independent counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton, appeared on CNN Monday morning to discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Donald Trump. Dowd and Sekulow declined to comment, but Ty Cobb, the White House lawyer dealing with the Mueller investigation, said they are cooperating with the office of the special counsel (OSC).

A second source told NBC New that the president's lawyers are considering whether Trump could avoid the interview by signing an affidavit affirming his innocence and denying any collusion with Russian Federation during his election campaign. Sessions' withdrawal prompted Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel.

President Donald Trump said Saturday that everybody "tells me I'm not under investigation" in the FBI's Russian Federation probe.

It occurred at the Trump Tower elevator as the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, and the lobbyist, Rinat Akhmetshin, were leaving the building and consisted of pleasantries, a person familiar with the episode said.

The source told ABC News it was not the first time Mueller informed Trump's legal team of a desire to speak with the president as part of the ongoing investigation.

Sources within the OSC say Muller most likely will not agree to any witness, even the president, being allowed to give written answers to questions to avoid a face-to-face meeting.

Now comes the revelation that Trump asked his White House counsel to tell Attorney general Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation. He got VISIBLY TIRED debating Hillary Clinton on television. "If Trump were to refuse outright to cooperate, Mueller could respond with a grand jury subpoena", The New York Times said.

Trump has for months insisted there was no collusion with Russian Federation by his campaign, labelling the allegations "fake news".

"If Trump lies during this interview, he will be guilty of a felony", Andy Wright, a professor at Savannah Law School, told me.

"There's been no collusion; there's been no crime", he said.

"They do think that if the investigation goes near his finances, he's sunk", added Wolff, who has been lambasted by the president for writing what Trump has dubbed a "fake" book about life in the White House. "We could have been very closed and it would have taken years", Trump said.

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