Another voice: Sessions' endless war on marijuana

Another voice: Sessions' endless war on marijuana

Another voice: Sessions' endless war on marijuana

But a growing list of states have legalized marijuana in some form within their borders.

Moreover, Sessions did not actually announce that there would be a crackdown on cannabis businesses, but rather that it would be left to the discretion of the local United States attorneys in the various districts to decide how and when to enforce the federal laws.

As a matter of market logic, legal uncertainty is likely to raise marijuana prices for consumers. As a senator, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was no fan of marijuana and the president himself is a teetotaler.

Several members of Nevada congress have come forth in defiance of the resolution.

Protections for medical marijuana remain in effect under a piece of the federal spending law that prevents federal authorities from trying to curtail that aspect of the industry. "These reported actions are an insult to Nevada voters, an affront to states' rights, and a threat to our local economy".

They argue that Sessions is trampling on the rights of states that have chose to legalize pot for medical or recreational use, or both. When marijuana was "legalized" in Colorado, traffic-related deaths due to marijuana rose from 13% to 20%.

Sooner or later, Congress will repeal the federal ban on pot and will leave enforcement questions (properly) to the states.

However, Troyer landed his job when the previous Obama appointed USA attorney stepped down.

But Etten thinks the threat of a crackdown might force federal lawmakers to finally reform America's outdated drug laws, which still define marijuana as a substance that has no medical value and is as risky as heroin.

As latecomers pile into Canadian pot plays, we're going to see the value of these investments soar. The state is expected to approve marijuana cultivation in four sites and eight zones with four dispensaries for a total of 32 retailers.

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"The push across the nation by organizations like NORML to legalize marijuana under the guise of helping the sick has caused black market sales of so-called legal pot to proliferate in this nation, and it has given a greater and easier access of the drug to our country's most precious resource-our children", Grady said. However, this decision has opponents from both parties and almost two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of recreational pot, per a recent Gallup poll. In Washington state alone, the marijuana industry paid Dollars $280 million in taxes in the last fiscal year.

The idea was to allow those states a bit of room to experiment with legalizing marijuana, which remains illegal under federal law. As an executive official, he's telling the legislative branch that he's going to respect the constitutional separation of powers, which means that if the law is changed, it will have to be changed by the lawmakers. How to navigate new California recreational pot delivery laws.

Marijuana advocates quickly condemned Sessions' move as a return to outdated drug-war policies that unduly affected minorities.

Federal agents have said they don't have the resources to go after pot users on a regular basis.

It would be wise for Sessions to remember that cannabis businesses exist in red and purple states, too.

A task force Sessions convened to study pot policy made no recommendations for upending the legal industry but instead encouraged Justice Department officials to keep reviewing the Obama administration's more hands-off approach to marijuana enforcement, something Sessions promised to do since he took office.

Seattle and Washington will no doubt play a large role in any legal response by Western states to the Sessions move, but this can't distract from more pressing issues.

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By way of a quick primer, former US Deputy Attorney General James Cole issued his recommendation in 2013 to US attorneys in all 50 states.

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