Attacks on Palestinians Increase after Trumps' Decision on Jerusalem

Trump’s Jerusalem decision has led to a war between ISIS and Hamas

Attacks on Palestinians Increase after Trumps' Decision on Jerusalem

On Tuesday, Breitbart Jerusalem Bureau Chief Aaron Klein applauded Trump's threat to cut Palestinian aid, saying that the PA is an "anti-Western" entity that supports terrorism and incites violence against Israel. The US is the largest donor to UNRWA and ending its aid could have a particularly damaging effect in Gaza.

According to Site, a USA monitoring agency that keeps track of jihadi platforms, the 22-minute video shows a man, identified as Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi, urging Islamic followers in Gaza to mount attacks on Hamas.

Wildeman stressed that United States aid to the PA was not born of altruistic feeling and that the funds bought Washington a level of regional stability and a "client sympathetic to USA interests among the Palestinian population".

Now, the decision to reverse course is related to ongoing reconciliation talks between the two factions, as well as in response to demonstrations in Gaza in recent days over the lack of power.

Hamas doesn't recognize the legitimacy of Israel, and its charter called for Israel's total destruction until 2017, when it was revised to allow for acceptance of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Al-Quds reported Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee Saeb Erekat stating the USA administration has moved into a new phase of imposing solutions on the Palestinians.

According to UNRWA website, the USA is the largest donor to the agency as it annually provides about $370 million out of a total of around $874 million of funds the agency receives.

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"Without funding, that client is unlikely to follow U.S. dictates and the idea that the USA is the arbiter of the Peace Process". In parallel, UNRWA would continue to provide aid to 810,000 people in the West Bank alone, operating 19 refugee camps, 96 schools, 43 medical centers, and more.

They understand that the unparalleled United States support must be exploited to the maximum, and that any delay on these bills would certainly be missed opportunities.

Esawi Frej of the Meretz party said that without dividing Jerusalem there won't be peace: "There can be no diplomatic solution without east Jerusalem being Palestinian", he argued. It also accused Hamas of "following in the footsteps of the disbelieving West".

It is not entirely clear if Haley meant that the USA would cut aid to UNRWA.

According to Axios, Trump is considering cutting that portion of the funding altogether, and is weighing slashing as much as $180 million in US funding to UNRWA.

Such considerations have never deterred the US from taking a course of action in the past.

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