Dish is getting Google Assistant voice control soon

Dish is getting Google Assistant voice control soon

Dish is getting Google Assistant voice control soon

Alexa in cars can also be synced with smart-home devices to control thermostats while on the road. A smart display with Assistant will probably be somewhere between these two prices. Scott Huffman, vice president of engineering for Google Assistant, showed up to talk about the search giant's relationship with LG, and how it's expanded from Android phones to appliances and televisions over the past year and a half.

Artificial intelligence dominated CES 2018 in a big way on Monday with major announcements on connected auto advances and home system technologies.

Jumping to a completely different product category, Acer and Asus announced at CES that they are bringing Alexa to their laptops. You can also get recommendations for your favorite content, right on the home screen.

The integration will start later this year.

But that's not to say Alexa isn't venturing outside the Echo chamber.

The Smart Displays will offer exactly the same interface like a smartphone, however you would see some added features on the Smart Displays. Notably, the offering also marks the first time the systems can be controlled in both English and Spanish.

Alexa will appear in certain Toyota and Lexus models.

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Amazon's Alexa is extending its domain to a whole new set of gadgets. The kit will be made available to manufacturers later this year. Google claims that they will cover more number of devices later this year.

However, he doesn't think that fridges and bath tubs are where Alexa will really become indispensable for home users, not least because most people don't replace such items often. Specifically, TiVo is looking to make use of IFTTT functionality, both available on Alexa and Google Assistant.

Whirlpool has developed an Alexa skill for its connected microwaves, with plan to launch the service soon. Interestingly, Jabra told us it also wants to bring Google Assistant support to the 'buds, whenever Google opens up its certification process. Why can't it be, for instance, your Google Home Mini conveying your instructions from a more distant place? If you have any feedbacks to share, kindly drop us into the comments section given below this post.

And, others are focusing on the potentially unsafe ways the new capability could go wrong.

Peter Newman, research analyst for BI Intelligence, has put together a Smart Speaker report that analyzes the market potential of the Echo Look, Echo Show, and HomePod.

The newest pairing is with DISH, the satellite TV service, allowing users to not even bother with a remote. It's unclear as of now exactly how much the JBL Link will cost, though the Amazon Echo Show currently retails for $230 on Amazon, while the Google Home goes for $129 at Walmart.

Some of those companies have strengths Amazon can't match.

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