Here's How Hoda Kotb's 'Today' Show Salary Compares to Matt Lauer's

Here's How Hoda Kotb's 'Today' Show Salary Compares to Matt Lauer's

Here's How Hoda Kotb's 'Today' Show Salary Compares to Matt Lauer's

As the new co-anchor of the "Today Show," Kotb will earn $7 million a year, NBC sources told Page Six.

It seems particularly fitting that Kotb's new position means that the Today show has two women leading the lineup for the first time ever.

The transition from Lauer to Kotb has also been a leadership moment for Guthrie, who became a co-host of "Today" in 2012.

Matt was reportedly making $25 million a year with his Today contract, which was renewed in 2016. By itself, that's an astonishing amount of money.

It's unknown as to whether or not Lauer will make any sort of a public statement regarding Kotb's promotion. Thus, fans would assume that Kotb was due for a salary increase.

"I'm pinching myself", Kotb said.

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To add insult to injury, the following math-based facts will only make you angrier and angrier.

Now reports have revealed that Hoda is making no more than $7 million per year, a huge difference from Lauer's $25 million! "The two of them rated together". What a bunch of malarkey.

One former NBC employee alleged he asked her back to his office, where he pressed a button and locked the door, a function, it's been claimed, many exec offices have. So, it's harder for women to build up the track record at any one company to be able to negotiate higher and higher salaries. Kotb is a pro in her field. She has received Emmy awards, a Gracie award and a Matrix award for her work at NBC News. She is a correspondent on Dateline NBC.

The broadcaster named Hoda Kotb, who had been filling in for Lauer since he was sacked in November following a slew of allegations of sexual harassment, as the new anchor of the Today show alongside Savannah Guthrie, who had been Lauer's co-host. Instead or rejecting the role due to an obvious pay gap, she accepted the job happily. I wanted to feel good throughout.

Kotb began making headlines from the very first day working at Lauer's replacement.

"The beauty of getting up in the middle of the night [to go to work] is, on most days you're home in the middle of the afternoon", Guthrie told PEOPLE. Meanwhile, Kotb and Guthrie are being shortchanged.

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