Hospitals to delay routine operations due to winter pressures on NHS

Health officials yesterday pleaded with patients to use the NHS ¿responsibly¿ as it comes under the greatest pressure in its history

Health officials yesterday pleaded with patients to use the NHS ‘responsibly’ as it comes under the greatest pressure in its history

Earlier today (Wednesday), the Government's Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt apologies after services across the county reported they were struggling with a surge of patients since Christmas.

"It's very important that patients with planned operations, procedures or outpatient appointments should attend as normal unless they are specifically contacted by their hospital and asked not to".

It says in-patient operations such as hip replacements should also be put off until February to free up doctors and beds.

"Clearly we would like to devote as much time as possible to caring for these patients so that they get well quickly and do not need to stay in hospital for extended periods of time".

The news comes as the NHS across the country responds to a seasonal crisis with patients said to be at risk in overcrowded hospitals, due to a deluge of patients.

She said: "The NHS has been better prepared for this winter than ever before. After five years in the job, he should be taking responsibility, not fleeing the scene".

Well, we've got a statement from the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust on what the situation's like here.

NHS England also said sanctions for mixed sex accommodation breaches should be temporarily lifted.

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"The NHS needs to take further action to increase capacity and minimise disruptive last-minute cancellations".

More than 100 health officials have bigger salaries than the prime minister, a number that has doubled in four years despite claims that the NHS does not have enough money.

The hospital has opened an unprecedented number of escalation beds in order to provide care for acutely unwell patients.

She added: "Patient safety is being compromised - there's no doubt about that".

The NHS Trust which runs Scarborough Hospital says A and E is extremely busy.

'Since the [Christmas] bank holiday things have escalated rapidly and we are on the cusp of a major issue at least as bad as previous year'.

Prof Hinchliffe said: "Like all hospitals across the NHS, we have been experiencing very significant demand for our services, especially in our emergency departments".

Stevens, who is chief executive of NHS England, said that revellers who divert the attentions of the ambulance service and A&E staff due to overindulgence are "selfish" and called for the public to "use the NHS responsibly" all year round.

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