Illinois congressman lauds Trump's appearance at Farm Bureau convention

Associated Press

Associated Press

He said that means pressing for robust funding in the next five-year farm bill, with the current one expiring later this year.

In 2017, the American Farm Bureau Federation, the largest organization of farmers, spent more than $3 million on lobbying.

Trump also described the impact of the federal tax-reform legislation he signed late a year ago, saying that most of its benefits would go to "working families, small businesses and the family farmer".

"We commend President Donald Trump for his action today to spur rural broadband deployment, stressing the need to bring faster networks that give our businesses the chance to compete", said Chip Pickering, CEO of Incompas, in a statement.

Trump touted his tax bill. Trump said. "You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege".

Trump explained how the tax bill allows companies to write off the full cost of new equipment, which means that more money stays on the farm.

Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Ridley told reporters on Air Force one that the report's first order of business is "better" internet coverage.

U.S. President Donald Trump is touting his policies for rural America, a segment of the national economy that has lagged behind growth in urban areas.

Not once in Nashville did Trump mention the Russian Federation investigation or rumors of turmoil within the White House, and he made only passing reference to immigration and his battles with the news media.

White House officials said all work was in the early stages and did not offer an overall timeline. Little of that can be accomplished, the report said, without closing the broadband gap between urban and rural residents.

On environmental regulations, President Trump said: "My administration is in the process of rolling back a rule that hit our farmers and ranchers very, very hard - the bad Waters of the United States rule". The Farm Bureau ran a public relations campaign against the rule and called it "dangerous and unlawful". "The task force heard from farmers that broadband internet access is an issue of vital concern to their communities and businesses". The Farm Bureau supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), from which Trump withdrew soon after taking office a year ago.

The Department of Agriculture has officially dubbed "Reliable and affordable high-speed connectivity" as a key to helping rural America. ESPN, which has been a target of Trump's criticism, told a local Nashville station that the network didn't expect an interview with Trump while he attended the game.

He also made a reference to professional football players who kneel in protest during the national anthem, saying: "We're fighting for that flag. Hopefully, he'll gain a better perspective of the issues of the agricultural community and the struggles we go through and how he can help us combat those struggles", said Robert Elliot.

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