Less is more for the even-smaller new Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13

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It's also more streamlined than before, naturally, with the new Dell XPS 13 shaving off 3.4mm in thickness compared to its predecessor and weighing in at just 1.2kg. Although that definitely helps.

Dell's latest XPS 13 might not be a dramatic shake-up, but this 2018 redesign is enough to reignite interest in the range, adding Coffee Lake CPUs, a Rose Gold model, weight and size reductions and more USB Type-C ports than you can shake a USB cable at. And, seemingly to make the carbon fiber material in the laptop more evident, Dell made the white palm rest in a woven texture that looks kind of cheap in person.

The webcam is still as awkwardly placed as ever, set into the bezel below the screen rather than above it.

They should hopefully see a Middle East launch (and prices) later this year.

With the latest XPS iteration, Dell claims to be the first to use "Gore Thermal Insulation", which sound like something we'd need a DOOM cheat code to enable, but no. The company said, "We not only worked to create the most attractive laptop on the market but extended that design ethos to its matching white power cords and USB-A/USB-C adapter". Said Frank Azor, VP and GM of Dell XPS. It's a full 30% (3.4mm) thinner as well as lighter, starting at just 2.7 pounds, making the XPS 13 the ultimate in mobility and durability. According to Dell, users will be able to wipe off various stains like pen marks from the XPS laptop.

Despite the performance improvements, Dell says its benchmark results have these XPS 13's running for up to almost 20 hours with a full HD display or up to around 11 hours with a 4K display.

Logging into the system can be undertaken using voice, touch or facial recognition, though an optional fingerprint reader can be configured in, which resides in the Windows Hello power button.

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Dell's latest XPS already headed out for 2018 with a grand new makeover.

Up to 16GB of DDR3-2133 RAM is available for the XPS 13, along with up to a 1TB PCIe solid state drive. The laptop comes with a USB Type A to a USB Type C adapter and white chargers and power cords.

Alienware's Chris Sutphen explains the future of augmented and virtual reality for business, and why the company worked with Microsoft to design the new Dell Visor. While the 4K model sustains for 11 hours and 12 minutes, the HD display offers 19 hours and 46 minutes, along with 1500:1 contrast ratio and 400 nit brightness- a huge leap from the 2017 model.

We were wondering that too, and we'll have answers for you on the pages ahead.

Dell is also offering a Linux developer edition of the laptop which starts at £1,319 (around $1,780, AU$2,275) and comes with Ubuntu pre-installed.

The new XPS 13 is available today, starting at $1000 with Windows 10, a Core i5-8250U processor, 4 GB of memory, and a 128 GB SSD.

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