McGowan selling house to fund fight against Weinstein


McGowan selling house to fund fight against Weinstein

Rose McGowan revealed her November arrested for a felony possession of a controlled substance would be featured in her upcoming documentary series "Citizen Rose".

McGowan says she began shooting footage for it three years ago and admitted it was hard for her to be on screen without a script.

Since the article, McGowan and other alleged victims have been vocal about fighting sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and gender pay inequality.

During the Golden Globes, the first trailer for McGowan's documentary series about sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood aired.

Rose McGowan was arrested on November 14, 2017, for felony possession of a controlled substance in Virginia.

Rose McGowan is aware of the current complication at her new network.

"Hey, Rose McGowan here. I've been saying to these ladies: 'Jump on that f-ing couch, it's okay.' Because if so many are coming out ... it makes them look really bad..."

"I never signed an NDA, actually". "When I started shooting footage for the show I realized that I could not speak on camera without a script. It's been a lie, and it's been cruel". Asia Argento said the same thing in a tweet.

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McGowan said her deal with E! was made before the allegation was made and she intends to address it with E! Filming began in September, the month before the publication of The New York Times story that disclosed her settlement agreement with Weinstein, whom she had accused of sexual assault. She said: "My platform is quite separate from #MeToo".

Rose McGowan said she is selling her house to pay off legal bills as she battles Harvey Weinstein following her accusation that he raped her. "That's what I am facing". It kicks off with a two-hour documentary January 30 and, after a brief hiatus, will return in the spring with a handful of shorter episodes.

The former Charmed star also tweeted about Oprah Winfrey, who led the charge for female empowerment when she delivered a powerful speech urging men and women to work together to ensure no one ever has to utter the words "Me Too" again.

She also said the E! series is, in a way, not about her trauma or history. The narrative includes the 1997 investigation, and the later one in 2006.

She heaped casual scorn on journalists who, she said, "painted me as insane".

She further conveyed, "I thought I remember refusing that".

Hemingway welcomed the chance, he said, to cover dimensions of the story that haven't been done. "But, for me, I'm comfortable working there, because I know what I'm doing".

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