North Korea's Chinese exports plummet after seafood sanctions

North Korea's Chinese exports plummet after seafood sanctions

North Korea's Chinese exports plummet after seafood sanctions

Observers have warned that North Korea's new satellite could be a Trojan horse that could aid its future weapon tests, reported South Korean daily JoongAng Ilbo. "In the case of the USA, we are expected to pay more than anyone else for the dubious privilege".

The latest round of sanctions was prompted by the November 29 test of what North Korea said was an intercontinental ballistic missile that put the USA mainland within range of its nuclear weapons.

A person familiar with the matter said, "Kim Jong Sik reportedly is a key figure in North Korea's ballistic missile development, including efforts to switch from liquid to solid fuel".

North Korea will continue with its nuclear development policy in 2018, according to a report by the state-run KCNA news agency on Saturday.

The latest round comes weeks after North Korea conducted an intercontinental ballistics missile test in late November.

That launch came despite months of increasing pressure, especially at the United Nations with China and Russia's backing. The US and South Korea have taken a firm stand on the issue, and insist that North Korea must put on hold its nuclear ambitions for any negotiation to start.

Despite Bossert's warning, the State Department has said it is moving forward in the hopes of doing just that and eventually convincing Kim to come to the table for denuclearization talks.

The Monash University professor said the sanctions imposed by the United Nations are not impacting North Korea as hoped.

The sanctions also order the repatriation of North Korean workers sent overseas to earn much-needed revenue for Kim's regime.

In response to ICBM tests by the North Korea regime, the UN Security Council unanimously passed new sanctions last week.

The North's Bureau of Political Security which controls the North Korean military was also blacklisted by the European country.

Analysts believe Kim Jong-un's pariah regime is moving steadily towards acquiring essential machinery that could potentially be used for advanced biological weapons that could be used against US and South Korean ground troops.

China, with which North Korea does some 90 percent of its trade, has repeatedly called for calm and restraint from all sides. Mr. Kim knows that North Korea would cease to exist, and he is not dumb.

His strategy, known as "byungjin", aims to simultaneously develop the national economy and North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

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