Recreational Marijuana, Paid Leave Among New Year's Laws

Legal weed hurts prognosis for California medical pot market

Recreational Marijuana, Paid Leave Among New Year's Laws

"This is a long time coming".

Despite these advancements, Pennsylvania likely will not permit the sale of recreational marijuana anytime soon given the state's conservative tendencies.

Los Angeles officials announced late last month that the city will not begin accepting license applications until January 3, and it might take weeks before any licenses are issued.

At least 300 other cities, including Riverside, Fresno, Bakersfield, Pasadena and Anaheim, don't allow marijuana sales for non-medical purposes, according to industry officials.

Heartened by the reportedly long lines outside Californian dispensaries and a possible wave of legalization in other states, shares in cannabis-related firms soared Tuesday.

California has become the country's sixth state where recreational pot is now legalized, along with the nation's capital, Washington DC, back in November 2016, when voters passed a ballot measure known as Proposition 64 that immediately legalized all personal possession of recreational marijuana.

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After California voted to legalize marijuana in 2016, people can't light up in or near places where tobacco is prohibited but people 21 and older are allowed to possess up to an ounce of pot. First, there is no smoking in public, and state law has specific rules forbidding anyone from lighting up within 300 meters of a school or a day-care center when kids are around, or from smoking while driving.

The legal sale of recreational marijuana began in California Monday with fanfare, celebratory "blunts" and some anxiety.

Roughly 100 shops have managed to get their state licenses so far, and over 1,000 establishments license applications are still pending.

The state has issued dozens of permits for retailers to begin recreational sales this week. They are also allowed to grow as many as six plants at home, without a doctor's letter.

Steve DeAngelo founder of "Harborside" used a giant pair of scissors to cut the green ribbons for the inauguration by declaring that those giant pair of scissors he dubs it free, before hooking up with the first customer at a cash register. "We are hopeful that we have put forth a model that other states will look to as an example when they head down the path to legalization".

But it has taken California lawmakers and bureaucrats over a year to devise a licensing, regulatory and tax structure for all phases of the commercial distribution chain. He also obtained a new license to continue selling marijuana for medical uses.

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