The new year is rung in from Australia to the Middle East

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It has only been among the first to celebrate since 2011, when officials made a decision to move the country from the eastern side of the worldwide date line to the western side, switching it from the last nation to celebrate New Year's to the first.

Extreme cold weather is forcing Mississauga to shorten its New Year's Eve festivities, city officials announced Saturday. SO, here we bring the alternatives for the NY and Las Vegas New year celebrations with another list which you will enjoy for sure.

The celebrations begin at 6:00pm on Sunday with aerial displays and a Welcome to Country.

"It's a culmination of another year". At least not on New Year's Day.

Showers will gradually ease off throughout the evening and skies will become clearer for the midnight show, but there is a small chance of showers, the Met Office said. New York Ball drop event is famous around the globe and the fireworks at Las Vegas.

The big finale features a 12-minute firework spectacular, and Hugh Jackman will make his mark with his 20-second co-designed fireworks appearing eight minutes into the midnight countdown - fulfilling a childhood dream of "The Greatest Showman" actor.

While New Year's Eve is not officially celebrated in Israel, many secular Israelis do mark the end of the civil year, known locally as "Sylvester" - the December 31 anniversary of the death of Pope Sylvester I.

Lentils are another food that is said to be a resemblance of coins, and is mainly eaten throughout Italy for good fortune into the New Year. Tickets are $45 and available Sunday at the SlotZilla Box Office/Gates.

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The skating rink will still be open from 8-11:30 p.m., though, so you can still be out and about that night for NYE at Celebration Square!

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo on Wednesday discussed safety measures being put in place for the events.

We take a look at the most popular traditions and celebrations that take place around the world.

The defeat of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria was one of the key stories of 2017, although the jihadis remain a threat and numerous attacks around the world were claimed by them or al-Qaida-linked groups.

Nevada Army National Guard members, armed with rifles, were scattered strategically around the airport.

Police in Berlin added 1,600 officers on duty and said that large bags and knapsacks would not be allowed on the "Party Mile" leading from Brandenburg Gate, where thousands were expected to celebrate at midnight. Some 4,200 metal barricades also will be set up along the Strip.

Partygoers are urged to drink responsibly, and the statement continued: "Both uniform and plain-clothes police will patrol multiple event areas to ensure the safe movement of crowds to vantage points".

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