Trump Administration Changes Tune, Says No Oil Drilling Off Florida Coast

Trump Administration Changes Tune, Says No Oil Drilling Off Florida Coast

Trump Administration Changes Tune, Says No Oil Drilling Off Florida Coast

"Two days in, the Trump administration has shown us exactly what their offshore drilling proposal is all about and it has nothing to do with listening to local and state voices, economics, or science". It is something that will affect every coastal state, with the exception of Florida.

"Nothing is sacred", Markey told reporters from the Kennedy Federal Building.

"The Trump administration wants to put fish and fisheries at significant risk while lining the pockets of their oil industry co-conspirators".

The move comes after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's recent announcement that most of the country's outer continental shelf is being looked at for drilling. A spokeswoman for Zinke says such criticism is "empty pandering" and has invited governors to seek a meeting with the secretary. My organization, the Center for Biological Diversity, calculates that the burning of the oil and gas proposed for leases in this plan would release 49.5 gigatons of carbon dioxide pollution, or the equivalent of a year's worth of emissions from 10.6 billion cars.

"I'm going to fight to make sure this is a place our kids and our grandkids want to live", Scott said. Refusing to keep protections in place for other states, who make exactly the same arguments as Scott, is going to be very hard for Zinke.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said the plan would "exploit our oceans with great potential risk to our attractive coastlines", and that he plans to work with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and California Gov. In addition, companies will have to start seismic studies in some areas from scratch-for example, areas in the Atlantic and the Pacific were last appraised in the 1980s.

Northam called on the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to hold public hearings in Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore.

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In statements issued Friday, U.S. Reps. Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr are also behind the plan.

"The Gulf of Mexico is the backbone of our nation's offshore energy production and restricting access to the Eastern Gulf puts hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk across the country and along the Gulf Coast, particularly in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and MS", he said.

MA officials have been speaking out against potential offshore drilling since the idea was in its earlier stages a year ago.

"Based on media reports, it is likely that the Department of the Interior will consider Florida as a potential state for offshore oil drilling - which is something I oppose in Florida", Scott said in a prepared statement Thursday.

The argument that offshore oil and gas exploration harms tourism is the same one that has been made by dozens of coastal North Carolina communities.

Florida's economy has been threatened by drilling mishaps before: In 2010, when the Deepwater Horizon spill sent oil gushing into the waters near Louisiana and Mississippi, Florida lost millions of tourism dollars, Reuters reported.

But Zinke said it was Scott's concerns about oil spills damaging Florida's beaches and tourism industry that led to the reversal.

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