Trump answers question about possible Mueller interview by attacking Hillary Clinton

The White House has forged a cozy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Trump was elected

The White House has forged a cozy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Trump was elected

In June, Trump said he was "being investigated" for firing Comey, and again called it a "witch hunt".

"For 11 months they've had this phony cloud over this administration, over our government".

Mueller has reportedly indicated to Trump's lawyers that his team would like to interview the president as part of the investigation.

During the interview, Gaetz pointed out that Burnett was also citing testimony by Simpson's lawyer that is unverified and not in the dossier.

White House officials viewed the discussion as a sign that Mr. Mueller's investigation of Mr. Trump could be nearing the end.

Without actually answering the question, Trump responded by insisting that "there has been no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians or Trump and Russians".

"While President Trump stands practically idle, Mr. Putin continues to refine his asymmetric arsenal and look for future opportunities to disrupt governance and erode support for the democratic and worldwide institutions", he said. But it has been determined that there is no collusion and by virtually everybody. Panel heads Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) continue to cooperate as they interview witnesses.

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Democrats on Capitol Hill have redoubled their efforts to draw attention to broad issues of election security and what they characterize as risky inaction by Republicans, who control all levels of government in Washington before this year's midterms. Around the same time, the Times reported that the FBI was investigating Mr Trump and had found no connections to Russian Federation.

While Trump suggested that congressional Republicans act more forcefully, he didn't say how.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders yesterday slammed what she called "ridiculous reports from detractors" and described an "outpouring of support from a totally indignant staff". Rather than dignifying questions about whether their 71-year-old boss is fit to be president, they attack the inquisitors for having the gall to ask.

"No. No. No. It has got to include the wall". "We need it for security". Trump denied that, and said he'd be "100 percent" willing tell his version of events under oath. Along with most of the alliance's members, Norway has failed to spend 2% of its GDP on defense as outlined in the alliance's guidelines.

Trump previously denied that anybody in his campaign had contact with Russian Federation.

Gaetz said that just because CNN has been able to verify information contained in the dossier, "doesn't mean it's true".

I think criminal suspects everywhere should use this tactic. He eventually said that "it seems unlikely that you would even have an interview", given the his assertion there hadn't been any collusion between him or his associates and Russian Federation.

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