Two killed in huge Pakistan protest

Two killed in huge Pakistan protest

Two killed in huge Pakistan protest

The minor had been staying with her aunt as her parents travelled to Saudi Arabia.

According to DawnNews, the post-mortem report of the child confirmed suspicions that she was raped before being murdered.

Kasur regional police officer Muhammad Kausar Zulfiqar told CNN that the girl's body was found on a heap of garbage only 100 meters from her home in Kasur. Police in Kasur denied they have been lax in investigating child abductions in the town.

People hold banners and shout slogans during a protest against the rape and murder of a minor girl in Kasur, in Karachi, Pakistan, 11 January 2018.

He said a team of senior police officers had past year made an effort to conduct a detailed analysis of all the cases in the light of circumstantial evidences, DNA test reports, statements of the two girls who survived the assaults, the witnesses and other relevant information.

The injured have been shifted to the hospital for medical assistance whereas the security personnel are busy in dispersing the locals.

Lawyers boycotted judicial proceedings at district bar in protest and demanded early action into the matter.

Ansari's case has attracted the attention of the country's civilian and military leadership, with Pakistan's chief justice calling for a police report within 24 hours, according to a Supreme Court statement.

He also suggested that the perpetrator seemed to be an acquaintance of the family.

He strongly denounced the mishap and announced to bring the culprits to justice at any cost.

Preliminary examination of her body revealed she was sexually abused before she was killed, and led to widespread outrage in Kasur, a city that has witnessed several incidents of child abuse in recent years, including seven recent cases.

"Police was quick to open fire on the people seeking justice for my daughter but showed it's routine callous attitude to trace her when she had gone missing", he said.

Local media reports said the girl's murder was the twelfth such case in Kasur over a period of one year. Many took to social media pointing out it is an end to "humanity".

"The beasts who have disrespected our daughters should be punished immediately", former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif said.

In a condemnation posted on Twitter, PTI chief stated: "This is not the first time such horrific acts have happened". The men had been abducting and raping the children since 2009, under the nose of local police in the area, until the news was broken by media.

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