100 homes destroyed in California floods

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100 homes destroyed in California floods

Helicopters have also been transporting people out of the Romero Canyon neighborhood, where about 300 people were cut off after a massive debris flow blocked the road into the area.

The authorities on Tuesday ordered evacuation and recommended that the residents move to high areas.

The death toll has risen to 15 and a number of residents remain unaccounted for Wednesday after a powerful storm caused debris flows that wiped away homes and flooding that prompted rescues throughout the Los Angeles area.

Alongside pictures of the mud in her back garden and a video of a helicopter that had been rescuing her neighbours, she said: "What a day!"

A baby girl who was buried under dirt and rocks after deadly mudslides tore through California was rescued by a local man who miraculously heard her cries in the dark and pulled her out of the muck, officials said.

Winfrey, 63, took to Instagram to share photos and videos of her home in Montecito, Calif., which has been damaged by the natural disaster.

Lowe posted on Twitter that he was "preparing for whatever may come".

"In addition to the fatalities, 28 people were reported to be injured". He also wrote, "Media talking about @OPRAH "maybe" running for President in 3 years".

The "waist-high" mud destroyed homes, uprooted trees and washed away dozens of cars in Santa Barbara County, CNN reported.

"Right now our assets are focused on determining if anyone is still alive in any of those structures that have been damaged", Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.

Rescue crews in U.S. state of California have been combing through tons of debris for survivors after 17 people were confirmed dead and another 17 people missing. Authorities haven't confirmed the names of the dead, but say children are among the victims.

Thomas Tighe said he stepped outside his Montecito home in the middle of the night after hearing the "deep rumblling" sound of boulders moving as mud levels rose.

This follows last month's wildfires in Southern California, which were intensified by the Santa Ana winds. The wildfire left charred hillsides without vegetation cover to hold the heavy rainfall.

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