AMD To Begin Distributing Firmware Updates To Patch Spectre Vulnerability

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AMD To Begin Distributing Firmware Updates To Patch Spectre Vulnerability

NVIDIA has updated its GPU drivers to protect against the security flaw known as Spectre. We expect this issue to be corrected shortly and Microsoft should resume updates for these older processors by next week.

Microsoft in its statement said that the slowdowns will affect performance depending on the software running on your PC. The company said Tuesday that fixes for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities were causing slowdowns of 6 percent or less.

If you are an owner of insurance technology ecosystems and are wondering what to do, the answer is patch.

Documents uncovered by the Wall Street Journal Intel says it has identified three issues in updates released in the past week for microcode, its software installed directly on the processor. So we have to patch our drivers to patch the CPU vulnerabilities.

Two United States senators, Democrat Jack Reed and Republican John Kennedy, have written to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), asking the financial watchdog to investigate Krzanich.

Of course, there was only one little problem with this fix: The first Microsoft Windows 10 patch bricked some PCs running older AMD processors. Skylake CPUs and newer have more refined branch prediction, so the Spectre patch doesn't influence them to the same degree. AMD's CPUs use privilege level protections within paging architecture and as a result, the company believes no further action on this is required.

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Intel has also pledged to be more open about security, with CEO Brian Krzanich penning an open letter to the tech industry. Linux vendors are also rolling out patches for AMD systems too.

Details on the registry key, along with instructions for users who cannot run or install antivirus software and are comfortable tinkering with the Windows registry are available here. In other developments, Microsoft also warned that some computers powered by older processors probably won't work as well as they once did after the antidotes to Spectre and Meltdown are installed.

Intel shares were down about half a percent to $43.20 in after-hours trading after the announcement. And yes, these CPU flaws affect phones and tablets too.

Will these customers turn to rivals AMD or ARM? The blog post discussed the trio of vulnerabilities under the Meltdown and Spectre classifications (outlined above).

He added that Intel will "commit to working with the industry"- meaning to share their hardware innovations to help other companies deal with these kinds of problems.

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