Assessment: Charming 'Paddington 2' a deal with for all ages

Premiere party The Moms event gave families the opportunity to see the film ahead of its release in America on Friday and guests received a Paddington plush toy and pop-up book

Assessment: Charming 'Paddington 2' a deal with for all ages

Check our movie review. Ben Whishaw voices the little spectacled bear, who started in Peru and wound up living with the Brown family of West London, headed by Henry Brown (Hugh Bonneville of "Downton Abbey" fame) and Sally Hawkins (last seen romancing a fish-man in "The Shape of Water").

Dear Aunt Lucy, you sent me to London to find a home. It's terribly expensive so the bear takes on odd jobs and isn't really successful at majority. Hugh Bonneville as Mr. So Paddington decides to get a job to pay for it.

Phoenix knows something that Paddington doesn't, though. Brown is having a midlife crisis; Sally Hawkins's warm Mrs. The lovingly detailed tome takes the reader on a 3-D tour of London - the flawless birthday gift for Paddington's Anglophile Aunt Lucy, on the verge of turning 100 at the home for retired bears. In order to stop the bear falling over, Shirley put him in children's wellingtons, and they stayed when the bear went into production, proving so popular that Gabrielle had to make their own special wellies with bear prints on the soles. When he nearly has enough money he sees a bearded thief stealing the book from the shop.

The bear turns a series of unfortunate events, fortunate every time just by the power of his good heart. That thief is washed-up actor Phoenix Buchanan, played marvelously by, who just nabbed a for his "Paddington" performance. He learned of the book from Paddington and thinks it contains a map to a local treasure.

Paddington spreads marmalade ever where he goes and this time he's using it to hunt the ideal present and catch a caper. A little patience and a mess hall's worth of our hero's trademark marmalade sandwiches can mend even the hardest of hearts, in this case belonging to the most frighteningly intimidating inmate, the resident cook, played by Brendan Gleeson.

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Paddington in prisonCourtesy of Warner Bros. Buchanan pinches the book for clues to a hidden fortune. He is then mistaken for the burglar and sent to jail, and the Browns are left to prove his innocence.

The movie takes her back to her childhood when a friend had a stuffed Paddington doll. But those baddies do what they're supposed to do, which is allow Paddington's commitment to decency, thoughtfulness and impeccable manners win the day under any circumstances. The Browns help him cope with the downsides of prison and they stick together through the entirety of the movie. The backgrounds and sets are detailed with a (dare I say it) nearly steampunk edge to the design that gives Paddington's world a hint of magic. I was expecting to go in and see a sweet and simple film, not necessarily bad, but with a focus on cashing in on the overwhelming success of the original.

Grant, as well-known as he is, rarely appears in truly family-friendly fare. Will Lucy get her present or...something even better? A feature-length film needs three acts of plot and, to that end, this franchise has introduced villains to Paddington's universe.

Paddington 2 is nothing short of adorable! With a decidedly British stiff upper lip in the face of disaster, Paddington insists, "If you're kind and polite, the world will be right". This film is a great movie for the whole family. His motto, "If we're kind and polite, the world will be right", is the film's entirely honest moral. Not only is the CGI good, but the emotions you experience really pulls you out of your chair and grabs your attention. His eyes are especially "real" and express all his emotions beautifully. His latest project, Paddington 2, features the British star in villainous mode, indulging in what may be his favorite type of acting: playful self-mockery. As you may know Paddington is a very polite bear who can get along with anyone. It could have ended up quite differently to fit a fully animated bear in scenes with actual humans but never for once does it strike you as anything abnormal. Paddington's kindness and generosity makes these characters suspicious.

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