Donald Trump's presidency 'could come crashing down if he fails medical test'

Donald Trump's presidency 'could come crashing down if he fails medical test'

Donald Trump's presidency 'could come crashing down if he fails medical test'

Trump himself mocked the concerns about his mental health, proclaiming himself a "very stable genius" who won the presidency on his first try. According to CNN, along with metrics like height, weight and blood pressure, past exams have also included information about "vision, thyroid, cardiac rhythms, gastrointestinal system, skin and neurological indicators like cerebellar function, motor functions and sensory systems". "If Donald Trump wants to help veterans in need, he should rescind this executive order, and issue a new one that directs the Department to institute a plan to hire more health care workers, and submit a budget that fully funds that need, to ensure that returning veterans have the support they deserve".

Two months before the November 2016 election, Trump released a five-paragraph letter from his longtime physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, who concluded that Trump "is in excellent physical health".

The secretaries have within 60 days to develop and submit a Joint Action Plan and update the President on the implementation, and outline further reforms to increase veteran access to mental health services within 180 days. In December, Yale psychiatry professor Dr. "And I think what the American people want to see is fairness". Books by disgruntled Reagan administration insiders such as David Stockman, Michael Deaver and Donald Regan also took the president to task for his alleged lack of mental fitness. Here's what will happen.

The fairly routine exam for previous presidents has taken on outsized importance in the age of Trump.

Who will conduct the exam?

Jackson is expected to release a statement Friday after the checkup.

Jackson will compile the results of the examination over the weekend and join Sanders in the briefing room on Tuesday to give a detailed report and answer questions, she said.

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Usually, not a lot. Jackson had also conducted the medical tests of former United States president Barack Obama.

Past presidential physicals mainly paint a portrait of vigor - punctuated by details like workout routines and sports injuries - but Trump isn't known to exercise beyond short walks.

By undergoing his first formal medical check since his White House entrance, the POTUS reportedly hopes to end allegations about his mental state.

He also pledged during his presidential campaign to "open up" libel laws "so when they write purposely negative and frightful, false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money". One tool in a psychiatrist's kit is a capacity exam, which is often used to evaluate a person's ability to make decisions around one particular task like their ability to consent to medical treatment or manage their own bank accounts.

Dayton VA Suicide Prevention Coordinator Karon Wolfe says adding mental health issues into the mix can be even more risky.

Just months after border apprehensions hit a 17-year low, which administration officials proudly celebrated as a "Trump effect", the number of migrants trying to enter the USA has been surging, surpassing 40,000 along the Southwest border last month, more than double the springtime numbers, according to Homeland Security.

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