Fate Of Mass. Recreational Marijuana Sales Unclear After Federal Decision

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996 and legal recreational use went into effect on January 1 - both laws ratified by voters via referendums. He does not expect Sessions' new policy to affect the discretion given to officers making arrests for low-level offenses.

"We don't know what the Eastern Washington U.S. District Attorney's stance is", Hastings said.

A few days ago, amid the Fire and Fury talk, there was a New York Times report saying President Trump tried to get Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself in the Russian Federation probe. Sessions is leaving it up to federal prosecutors in states that allow its sale and use to decide whether to crack down on the marijuana trade.

"That's something that we have to take a look at, but I don't anticipate that", O'Neill said. But he's reminding those prosecutors that pot is still illegal on the federal level. He then said he hoped this would damage Trump politically.

Gardner noted that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump told a Colorado television reporter that he believed marijuana should be left up to the states.

Sean Spicer, one of those alleged to have been instructed by the president to urge Jeff Sessions against recusal.

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She said previously her office had investigated marijuana cases involving organized crime, violent threats and financial crimes. "This reported action directly contradicts what Attorney General Sessions told me prior to his confirmation", Garner said on Twitter.

Colorado's senior senator, Democrat Michael Bennet, also slammed Sessions' move. And groups focused on the state's fledgling industry were quick to respond to the attorney general's move. And certainly the question of constitutional states' rights.

"I think it's going to be a showdown sooner or later between the states and the government, we'll all just sit back and wait ya know, for the battle to begin", says Michael Barron, Marketing Manager at "Got Meds" Dispensary in Lansing.

Kuester, who was sworn in September 25, said the Sessions decision "opens up" marijuana laws, allowing his office to further "protect the citizens of the eastern district" through partnerships with state, local and tribal law enforcement.

Q: Will this make it harder for businesses that sell marijuana? Certainty brings better players into the market, more legitimate capital. This is an unwise and unnecessary move that may divert resources from more serious problems - and end up backfiring on those who want to restrain pot use.

Leahy says Sessions' decision comes at a time when the Department of Justice is operating on a very limited budget. The new uncertainty about how prosecutors will deal with this will only make it harder. "It's more of a reason to double down on efforts, not to retreat".

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