Google announces new speaker partnerships, smart displays

Google announces new speaker partnerships, smart displays

Google announces new speaker partnerships, smart displays

Google also announced a new device category ("smart displays") as well as the adoption of Google Assistant by a range of smart speaker, headphone and TV manufacturers. We also finally know what to call the abilities that Assistant has. Both displays will also support HD video and contain a 10-watt speaker - flawless for YouTube videos which you can search and play just by asking Google Assistant out loud.

The new devices will generally work like the other smart speakers flooding the market at the moment - such as Google Home. Both Smart displays are expected to be available early this summer.

A royal battle seems in the offing between Google and Amazon now that the former has chose to take on Amazon with its smart displays that pose a direct challenge to Echo Show devices. The new display joins the JBL Link View as a smart display device featuring Google Assistant.

The Lenovo Smart Display is the more plain-looking of the two announced today but comes with options. The Smart Display can do basically everything you'd expect a Google Assistant-powered device to be able to do. Another feature being pushed is the ability to set up a Routine that lets you customize the information you need when you say a specific command to Google Assistant such as "Hey Google, good morning". Google's answer to Amazon Echo Show.

Finally, Google is working on smart wireless earbuds.

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Google plans to bring its voice-activated personal assistant to as many devices as possible during 2018 - including vehicles and smart screens.

Inside, the Smart Display's hardware reads like a low-end tablet. Everybody and their mother is announcing support for Alexa or Google Assistant with their devices, and frankly, it's a bit unnerving. The smaller device has an 8-inch, HD touchscreen while the larger device has a 10-inch, FHD touchscreen.

As for price, the 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display will cost $199.99 (about £150 / AU$255) while the 10-inch version costs $249.99 (about £185 / AU$320). Video calling is enabled with a 5MP camera (front facing obviously).

On phones, the Assistant slides up a panel from the bottom of the screen, but on smart displays the hotword pops up as an overlay with the colored Google dots at the top of the screen.

Google has built the operating system entirely itself, giving Assistant a viable UI that feels fluid and useful for a product like this.

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