Here's How Republicans Are Reacting to Trump's 'Shithole' Comments

Withdraw and Apologize 54 African Countries Ask US President Trump Over 'Shithole' Slur

Here's How Republicans Are Reacting to Trump's 'Shithole' Comments

President Trump signed a proclamation honoring Martin Luther King Junior Day.

Another cardinal highlighted the role Haitians played in the founding of his city and offered a twist on Mr. Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again".

Trump denied using the term, but Democratic Senator Dick Durbin - who attended the meeting - said the president used it "repeatedly".

"Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people", Shah said in response.

Biden apologized after a 2007 comment where he said of then-Senator Barack Obama: 'I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

Hugo Martinez, El Salvador's foreign minister, called on the USA government to confirm or deny Trump's statements.

"Haitians don't deserve such treatment", Altidor said.

Others condemned the US president's comments as inappropriate or racist.

Trump tweeted a denial this morning, January 12, claiming that, "The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but that was not the language used".

Meanwhile, Haiti's government said it "vehemently condemns" Mr Trump's comments referring to their country as a "s**thole" and requested to speak to a USA official about the incident. "We should have more people from Norway".

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"If that comment is accurate, the comment is incredibly disappointing", Scott also told The Post and Courier on Friday morning. If this particular news cycle plays out the way the Access Hollywood story did, Trump will receive some opprobrium from his word choice (a meta-debate is already swirling around whether news outlets should reproduce the word "shithole"). Never said "take them out".

Over Twitter, Trump claimed that Haiti was a "very poor and troubled country", but that he had never "said anything derogatory" about it. Jeffress said. "We have the right to screen [refugees] based on the economic benefit they might bring, and we can establish the criteria we want to use".

The program that was being discussed at the White House is called Temporary Protected Status. "I wouldn't let the language obscure the point he's making: Why would we allow people who will not benefit our country?" A true leader is above board, speaks with compassion and empathy, and should be inspiring people, not belittling them.

Some White House aides and outside advisers who have been working with Trump for the past two years have also become indifferent to the bumps along the way. The White House has not denied the language, nor have the several Republican lawmakers in the meeting.

A group of more than 2,900 Catholic sisters said they find it "appalling" that the president used "vulgar and offensive language to describe Haiti, El Salvador and countries in Africa".

"I condemn this unforgivable statement and this demeaning of the office of the Presidency", Baltimore Rep. Elijah E. Cummings said in a tweet. "What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made". That was the USA economy's annual rate of growth from July through September, according to Commerce Department data last month.

Trump says the "so-called bipartisan" deal "was a big step backwards" because it doesn't fund a wall along the Mexican border.

Jacques immigrated to Jacksonville in 2009 and now helps other immigrants from his home country. "Do you want to set up the meeting?"

The president wondered aloud why the U.S. would not instead want to bring people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he had met with the day before.

Just how many "s***hole countries" are covered by Trump's executive order is not clear.

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