Judge Blocks Trump Decision to End DACA Program

New Yorker cover shows Trump 'in the hole' after s--hole comments

Judge Blocks Trump Decision to End DACA Program

"DACA was implemented unilaterally after Congress declined to extend these benefits to this same group of illegal aliens", he said. "What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!" - referring to his remarks.

The plaintiffs claimed the wind-down of the program was an arbitrary and capricious decision that violated the Administrative Procedure Act, was a deprivation of property and liberty interests in violation of due process, and was motivated by discriminatory animus in violation of equal protection.

"I walked out there [Tuesday] believing that we could come to some kind agreement, and then [Thursday] it blew up again", Heitkamp said.

In a statement, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders thanked the lawmakers on behalf of Trump and said the legislative proposal seeks to comply with the main priorities of the President for USA citizens. First, address Dreamers, the undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children.

"We need the wall for security, we need the wall for safety, we need the wall for stopping the drugs pouring in", he said.

"However, we caution against introducing unrelated, unnecessary, or controversial elements of immigration policy - especially those that jeopardize the sanctity of families or unaccompanied children - into the bipartisan search for a just and humane solution for the 'Dreamers, '" he said. It also would dramatically boost border security and immigration enforcement.

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But Trump has also previously suggested that he would seek indirect payment from Mexico to fund the wall.

"That's why there are negotiations going on that the president encouraged yesterday".

Reports of his language that referred to people of color from other countries created a fire storm of criticism from both major parties and critics overseas who said they could not be described as anything but racist.

Democrats need to give more in return, Cotton said, including ending the diversity visa program and more border security.

Jessica Azua is one of about 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients hanging on to hope and holding tight to a dream of one day building a life without fear, a life without limits. The Trump administration has proposed $18 billion over a decade to build a wall. That's when Durbin huddled with members of the Senate bipartisan immigration group he's been working with for months. "He said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly".

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