LG Preparing To Show Off 88-Inch Panel with 8K Resolution TV

LG’s New 8K Ultra HD OLED HDR TV Is Simply Out Of This World

LG Preparing To Show Off 88-Inch Panel with 8K Resolution TV

While many are yet to own an ultra high definition (UHD) TV, South Korean electronics manufacturer LG has announced an 8K TV set to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES).

A Samsung patent for rollable OLED screen has appeared on the World Intellectual Property Organisation database.

When it comes to LG Display, the company will produce larger 6.5-inch screens for the upcoming iPhones while Samsung Display will primarily produce smaller 5.8- or 6-inch screens. But it's still hardly the usual for TVs, so one really doesn't need to think of switching to the 8K resolution straight away. The 88-inch 8K version is bound to be costlier. LG Display plans to showcase its newly developed 88-inch 8K OLED display at the annual gathering.

Now of course, you can get a non-OLED 8K display in even larger display sizes but look at this as an upgrade over LG's existing 77-inch panel with 4K resolution?

Sony’s OLED A1E 4K HDR TV is currently one of the world’s largest consumer market OLEDs sold today

There is no doubt that despite being a little late to the OLED game, Apple has impressed its customers with one of the best OLED displays on the market today.

Once unveiled, this will largest and highest-resolution OLED TV in the market, Engadget reports.

While Samsung is following a different path, LG still sees competition from countries like Japan, and the company's display arm has made investments in billions of dollars to increase production and take OLED displays mainstream.

Samsung may have been behind Apple's debut OLED display, but for the 2018 lineup, Apple may go with a different chaebol. With a resolution of 7680 x 4320, 8K offers four times the pixel density of 4K, and is expected to gain a level of commercial traction by 2020. The idea of a folding phone is nothing new but we have yet to see a device that has a fully functional display that can flex and work like any ordinary smartphone screen. While OLED TVs remain significantly more expensive than their LCD counterparts, their vibrant colors, low lag, and flawless blacks are appealing to videophiles and gamers alike.

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