New Switch ports and video games announced in Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Just Took Their Nintendo Direct Trolling Game To A New Level Shannon Grixti

Nintendo Just Took Their Nintendo Direct Trolling Game To A New Level Shannon Grixti

Sure, it may a port of an old game, but it is an important game to many people. The update will also add new outfits and Snapshot Mode filters. We don't have too many specifics but Mario Tennis Aces will be Switch's return to the court with a fancy new story mode alongside it. Luigi finally makes an appearance, but only to introduce a new mini-game: Balloon World. Players can move up in rank by finding hidden balloons and becoming expert hiders.

Up to six players can join together online to help or hurt each other throughout their quest. The team behind the game have also introduced a new character called Jo which will be coming with the Switch version of the game. We've already covered some of the Direct's big reveals - such as incoming DLC for Super Mario Odyssey and the announcement of two more Wii U ports for the Switch - but there was so much more aside from those.

Just after a week of launch Switch turn into a fastest-selling console in the market, during March 2017 which was the initial release month the sale unit extended approx 900,000 units. She's a computer hacker who wears a customizable LED mask!

A new DLC pack, known as Battle Pack, is also available to purchase now for Pokkén Tournament DX. The DLC will be available this Spring.

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The first set will include Aegislash as a playable character and Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyuu as support characters. This is the usual game, no new features, but when it comes to this game running on a portable platform, we talk about a possible winning against Vita. For example, mixing a water and ice ability will allow you to shoot icicle spears. However, the games unveiled and detailed in the latest Nintendo Direct bode very well for Switch owners. On Switch, it can be played using either the Joy-Con controllers or the touch screen. The refresh will also be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The game launches later this year, though Nintendo did not detail a more specific release window.

Celeste is a pixelated platformer that feels a bit like a mix between Towerfall and Super Meat Boy.

The video shown lays out how the game is mapped to a single device, where both battle systems play out at once. Launching May 4, the re-release adds a new novice difficulty that let's you play as the double-jumping, corkscrewing Funky Kong - it's an incredibly tough game on the default difficulty, so this should allow more players to enjoy it, as well.

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